LogMeIn has an array of solutions for smarter communications and collaboration like Rescue remote support and Rescue Live Lens -- including GoToConnect for cloud-based telecommunications and GoToAssist for remote helpdesk support.

LogMeIn customer KAD Dental Staffing has moved to remote working and boosted productivity and efficiency, saving time and money, thanks to GoToConnect and GoToAssist. The firm is a Texas, USA based staffing services company that also offers bookkeeping and dental business training, human resource consulting and more.

Phillip Singleton, director of operations at KAD Dental Staffing, says: "Because of the way GoToConnect works, we have a dedicated line within the phone tree, and we can say whoever is on call has access to that line and the calls go to them.

GoToConnect now incorporates the GoToMeeting virtual meeting software and the Jive virtual business phone system in one powerful product making it easy to connect quickly and professionally, anywhere and any time.

"It’s very efficient and it works without having to transfer to the physical cell phone, which is especially critical in an environment where we don’t work together anymore," Singleton says in the LogMeIn success story -- here.

GoToAssist enables service and helpdesk staff to deliver instant web-based support to customers and end users, even when the computer or server itself is unattended. GoToAssist helps the firm support remote employees with their phone or computer-related issues.

As a result, KAD Dental Staffing is able to help them solve their problems quickly and efficiently wherever staff are based.

"I don’t know how to explain the value of being able to help someone when you can see the problem they’re seeing. I can look, touch their screen, make movements for them, and see exactly what they’ve got," says Singleton. "I think by using GoToAssist, it helps people feel like you’re actually trying to solve their problem."

KAD Dental Staffing strives to make each interaction unique and personal for clients and employees. However, as the firm grew it had started handling between 4,000 and 6,000 phone calls per month out of its call centres. The company had become worried that existing systems would be overwhelmed.

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(Photo by Daniel Frank on Unsplash)