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31 Mar JetBrains Hails Annual Sales Growth Powering Latest Releases
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Developer tools specialist JetBrains grew revenues overall by 11% during its just-ended 2020 financial year, which the company says is down to growth ..
08 Mar QBS Software Delivery Platform Empowers Channel Partners, Enhancing Communications
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QBS's new software delivery platform, with eight elements of an award-winning system already rolled out, looks to maximise efficiency and cost-effecti..
16 Sep Space - The Next Frontier For JetBrains And Channel Partners
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(Photo credit & copyright © Martin FLOUSEK / JetBrains 2018-2020) Developer tools publisher JetBrains has long been up for pushing the boundaries ..
19 Aug BrowserStack Adds Device and Platform Support to Automated Software Testing
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"BrowserStack has been one of our biggest partners for need to get sorted instantly. When a P0/P1 feature makes it to production, our pipeline alr..
05 Aug Tricentis to Solve SAP Update Challenge in 'Monumental' Partnership Extension
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Ed Middleton, EMEA marketing director at automated testing platform provider Tricentis, said the extended partnership agreement was a "monumental" ..
29 Jul Need to Develop Faster? Here's How Axure Prototyping Helps Startups and Fintechs
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Axure RP is a platform that's popular partly for its ability to enable teams to collaborate on prototype development. This covers user testing of p..
15 Jul Doing Geolocation Testing and AI with BrowserStack
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Photo by Tobias on Unsplash.   Software test automation can be even better with geolocation testing from the likes of popular developer tools speci..
26 Feb What’s Trending in Developer Tools?
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Digital transformation and the move to the cloud is pushing enterprise development and technology teams to new heights of prowess. The demand for gr..
25 Feb Discover Advanced Installer
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Increase collaboration through Repository Management. It helps centralise and share project resources using the repository. Multiple projects, i.e..
17 Feb Code New Breakthroughs in Software Performance
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Maximise code performance with Intel Parallel Studio XE. Develop high-performance parallel code and accelerate workloads across enterprise, cloud, hig..
12 Feb JetBrains -  The Market Opportunities
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Space is an integrated team environment that provides teams and organisations with the tools they need to collaborate effectively and efficiently. It ..
30 Jan QBS Announce Partnership with BrowserStack
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BrowserStack’s mission is to make developer’s lives easier. With a cloud-based app and browser testing platform, they eliminate testing’s biggest pai..
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