For more than 20 years, organisations of all sizes across many industries have trusted CBT Nuggets for their IT training needs. That’s why we’re excited to announce that we’ve partnered with CBT Nuggets. Established in 1999, CBT Nuggets provides on-demand, online video training on in-demand technologies from widely used vendors like Microsoft and Cisco. Teams who train are more productive, efficient, and resilient. Ensure your teams have the skills to keep your organisation moving forward with IT training from CBT Nuggets. 

We recently spoke with CBT Nuggets’ Stephen McInnes, who shared insight about the benefits of using CBT Nuggets training — and why it helps organisations stay competitive in the marketplace. 

Can you tell us more about CBT Nuggets?

We’re an online streaming IT training platform, and we have over 20 years of expertise in delivering training to all levels of professionals around the world primarily on IT, project management, and office productivity topics. For two decades, IT pros and teams have trusted us for their training needs. Not only can they use our training 24/7 anywhere, they have access to features like virtual labs, certification practice exams, and robust reporting. Training admins can use our learner management features to easily assign and track training progress. CBT Nuggets is easy to use and is designed to truly validate learning.

What are the key benefits of using CBT Nuggets?

All courses, down to each video, are created to a very high standard. Plus, content is consistently reviewed and updated as necessary. It’s our mission to ensure our training helps IT pros effectively learn the skills they need to be successful. Much of our training also maps to popular certification exams, making it an excellent resource for IT pros who want to get certified. CBT Nuggets subscriptions include unlimited access to resources like virtual labs, Kaplan® IT Training Practice Exams, and in-video quizzes — all of which help validate learning. Every team has access to CBT Nuggets accountability coaching which helps with onboarding and getting the most out of using our platform. 

What sets CBT Nuggets apart from its competitors?

There are two things that really come to mind. 

Virtual Labs

Our virtual labs provide learners with an easy and inexpensive way to get hands-on experience with the technologies they are training on. These simulated sandbox environments require no overhead cost or risk to live production environments. Just an internet connection. Learners can confidently hone the skills they need to be successful in real-world situations. 

Accountability Coaching

Our learners’ success is paramount to us. That’s why our coaches work with teams to ensure they get the most out of their CBT Nuggets experience. They help onboard teams and perform regular check-ins to make sure things are going smoothly. Our coaches help admins walk through how to assign and track their team’s progress, as well as developing training strategies to help teams meet training goals.

Who is CBT Nuggets designed for?

Anyone who is an IT professional or is thinking about becoming one. We offer all levels of training. Someone who is completely new to IT can use our training. A seasoned IT professional who needs to learn new technologies can use our training. Wherever a learner is on their IT journey, we have the training to help them reach their goals.

What are your Top-3 Courses?

Right now, our most popular courses are: Cisco CCNA, Cisco CCNP, and CompTIA A+. 

Cisco has long been a global leader when it comes to networking technologies. The CCNA and CCNP certifications validate the skills IT professionals need in order to leverage the most commonly used Cisco technologies. 

CompTIA is vendor-neutral, meaning that the terminology and concepts covered by their training can be applied to most situations, regardless of vendor technology. For that reason, CompTIA training and certifications are ideal for newer IT pros. A+ is CompTIA’s most entry-level certification and provides the foundation for beginning an IT career. 

How is CBT Nuggets licensed?

Licenses are assigned on a 1:1 basis. Learners are invited by email to activate licenses assigned to themselves. From there, they set up an account and have instant access to the CBT Nuggets training library and learning resources like virtual labs and practice exams.

What’s driving customer interest in CBT Nuggets?

There are a couple of factors. Due to the pandemic, organisations are looking at virtual training options as opposed to classroom-based training. Then there are certifications. Companies want their IT staff to be qualified for roles, whether it’s networking or security. Some organisations also need staff to be certified in order to sell certain products. For example, Microsoft certification can be required to earn Microsoft Gold Partner status, which allows companies to sell Microsoft products. 

What benefits are users seeing when using CBT Nuggets?

Their knowledge and understanding of IT are far greater. With the CBT Nuggets training, they are more productive and confident in carrying out their daily tasks. Training has empowered them to move up the career ladder or earn raises.

Can you share sales tips with our resellers for positioning CBT Nuggets? 

The main tip is to find out the “Why”. Always ask: “What do you want to get from the training in the next 12 months?” This will allow you to find out what courses you have that can help position your unique selling point to your client. Whether it’s upskilling, certification, or a certain feature, you want to try to align our solution to their specific needs. Find out what the client’s role is. Will they be learning or simply be an admin of the account? This will be important to know as our accountability coaches can help them set up reporting and show them how to use the learner management features.

Can resellers request a demo of CBT Nuggets? 

Yes, you can contact me, Emma, or Carol. Any of us will be more than happy to demo the CBT Nuggets training platform with everyone on the calls. We can provide a full overview or present a demo tailored to specific client needs. For example, maybe a client wants to see virtual labs in action. 

Finally, can you share with our readers three reasons why resellers should promote CBT Nuggets?

Our training is convenient. Subscribers can access high-quality, streaming video training 24 hours a day, seven days a week on their PC or mobile devices. 

CBT Nuggets is a one-stop IT training platform. We provide short, concise, and relevant videos — supplemented by resources like virtual labs and practice labs. Our solution is designed to help IT pros learn effectively and confidently.

We are unique in that we provide accountability coaching for team accounts, from Day 1. Organisations can get the most out of their investment in CBT Nuggets with the help of our coaches. They help with everything from onboarding to training strategies for your team.

If you would like to learn more about CBT Nuggets and how they can help, contact me on | 0208 733 7118.

About the author

I've been a member of the CBT Nuggets EMEA team for over a year now, in which I’m eternally grateful for the opportunity to represent a fantastic company that shares many of my values both personally and professionally

I've worked in sales since I left school, many moons ago now, with my first customer facing selling tyres and car parts (Kwik-Fit), then 10 years later having had enough of working in the cold I moved to Inside Sales, working in industries from Telecoms (BT) - Insurance (Kwik- Fit)and also Advertising (Yellow pages & BT Phonebook), Believe me I’ve done it all!

One of my more challenging and memorable sales was when I sold Google AdWords to a Christian Preacher in London. After questioning, I discovered that he was seeing empty halls to preach and that the establishment also had a creche for kids and a tea room that was barely used or attended. I walked him through how and why Google AdWords  work in raising your website onto Google for specific words searched and this will make the search appear on the exact page of the website. The preacher's bills were mounting up and it was a genuine worry getting into debt, I also explained that you have to start looking at it from a business point of view, In business you have to spend money to make money. Getting bums on seats to pray, the creche full and creating a waiting list and selling food from the tea room.

In engaging the Preacher over a few weeks and listening to what was important to him, what did I decide to try in my close? “ What would Jesus do?” Before you knew it, he signed the order and was spending 100 pounds a month to land at the top of Google. The point is, every prospect that is in the sales cycle with you has something that they are trying to solve not just on behalf of their business or department, but personally also. Asking questions that are structured and relevant  to uncover true pain is only the beginning, you have to use empathy, be a real person and relate – ultimately, stop selling - start HELPING!

Finally, I want to say thank you to the QBS team for the opportunity to enter into this partnership. We are truly excited to see our fantastic companies grow with all the success that it brings through helping clients achieve their goals.