It only takes basic knowledge of applied data science concepts and the right toolsets to start to make increasingly empirical decisions that transform business operations.

That's according to high-performance computing (HPC) and AI software specialist Altair, which delivers collaboration and productivity tools via its Altair One cloud platform.

Its product range can assist design specialists, engineers and data scientists in many industries, including manufacturing and industrial design.

Altair says the Altair One cloud platform can boost collaboration and productivity for design, engineering and data science teams.

"By bridging the gap between the traditional data scientist and engineering roles, your organization can break down silos and extract actionable insights to drive real business value," according to Altair, which is holding a webinar covering data science for engineers on 25 May, US time.

Click here to register for the session, which will showcase how data science and AI can change the game for engineers and manufacturing.

Altair can also help with data-driven processes in financial services

But it doesn't stop at engineering and advanced design use cases. Altair can assist with workload issues and automation across a range of industry sectors.

For example, Iberiabank in the USA has used Altair Monarch and Altair Data Analytics to fully automate its general-ledger accounts reconciliation, making the process faster and more efficient -- it now takes minutes what used to take hours.

Denny Pagnelli, controller at Iberiabank, explains: "There are millions and millions of rows in the general ledger. We’re talking about 19 GB of data that need to be reconciled. As we grew, it became clear that we needed to automate the reconciliation process."

Iberiabank can now extract the necessary data from its various databases and multiple PDFs using Altair. Pagnelli can schedule the reconciliation process so it runs overnight. When they get in in the morning, it’s all done -- without any manual intervention.

"This frees up time to analyse the results and rectify any outstanding issues more quickly," Pagnelli confirms.

Read the Iberiabank case study.

( Photo by Franki Chamaki on Unsplash )