With more than 1.6 million users within the AEC industry worldwide, Bluebeam is transforming the way professionals work, collaborate and complete building projects.

In the past, the construction industry has been criticised for a ‘lack of innovation’ and a ‘reluctance to embrace change’, and this software is a welcome advocate for the digitisation of a ‘dated’ sector.

With the latest version, Bluebeam Revu 2019, which was released in October last year, this post sets out to inform new and existing users on its latest features and enhancements. If you have any further questions or queries after reading this post, be sure to get in touch with our Bluebeam experts on sales@qbs.co.uk.

Bluebeam: A Brief History Founded in 2002, Bluebeam has been an innovator of digital change and work-efficiency for almost twenty years, embracing technological advances with each new version that’s been released.

Bluebeam CEO, Richard Lee, along with his fellow engineering peers found that mundane tasks such as marking up, reviewing and circulating documents and drawings were taking up valuable time, which negatively impacted on their efficiency.

A small team and a short space of time prompted the founders to develop a system that allowed them to focus on the most important element of their job: engineering. This led them to develop software that enabled them to convert CAD models into high-resolution, scalable drawings, creating a PDF that was capable of embedding all of their data.
The final result: Bluebeam. To read more about Bluebeam’s history, click here.

What Makes Bluebeam Revu 2019 The Best Version Yet?

You only have to look at Bluebeam’s history to know that they’ve always been great innovators of change, and this is certainly true with their latest software: Revu 2019. So, let’s explore some of the most significant enhancements sure to transform the way you work and collaborate. Bluebeam’s Improved Speed and Efficiency With the 2019 software, the developers have been forthright in their message: it’s the fastest, most efficient version yet. With improved speed, enhanced take-off functionality and a new way to easily standardise workflows across teams, Bluebeam Revu will help you get the job done faster than ever before.
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Pan And Zoom 6x Faster

Revu 2019 allows you to pan and zoom complex linework faster, with smoother performance. This has been made achievable through a new hardware-accelerated rendering engine. With its improved rendering speed, faster refresh and quicker load times, you can now pan and zoom through documents with reduced latency, whether your project has 10 mark-ups or 10,000, saving you valuable time, regardless of how large the project is.

Build Better Bids

There’s nothing worse than improperly scaling plan sets, leading to inaccuracy. Revu 2019 has an automatic prompt for setting scale, ensuring you make the most accurate bid possible. Accurate cost estimates and quantity take-offs are crucial to formulating competitive bids, allowing you to improve turnaround times, reduce risk and minimise costly errors from the very beginning of the process.

Super Standardisation

One of the main causes of inefficiency in a building project is a lack of communication and collaboration across teams. The new Configuration Editor in Revu 2019 streamlines the deployment process across teams, increasing project consistency.The Configuration Editor is a user-friendly tool that allows project leaders to configure how Revu should be rolled out across the organisation. 


The latest Bluebeam software allows you to get from point A to point B 600% faster when compared to Revu 2017, making you much less likely to experience that dreaded ‘rendering lag’. The fastest version of Revue is here. The smoothness and consistency that Revu 2019 offers is something that users, new and old, must experience for themselves. To download your free trial, click here.