Keeping hold of existing customers can be a big challenge but with the right Knowledge Base Software you can save money, time and keep your customers satisfied.

The time and resources spent finding a new client is between 5 to 25 times more than keeping the one you have already, therefore it makes sense. Ensuring a customer’s product knowledge base is up-to-date along with a quality product and competitive pricing is one way to retain a customer.

Knowledge Base Software Features Allow for Self Service

Gone are the days when frustrated tech support staff had to guide digitally inept customers through painfully simple processes over the phone. Now with almost half the population made up of Millennials and Gen Z, these generations of customers are no longer looking to be held by the hand. Customers want easy, fast and efficient ways of getting service without making contact with a person, nowadays, customers don’t want to waste time calling your support staff. Around 70% of customers actually expect your website to have its own self-service application. It’s vital to maintain a good internal knowledge base for your own product. To ensure you deliver exceptional customer support, reduce churn, raise your SERP ranking, and reduce costs you need to make sure you choose the right knowledge base software.