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ASG-Remote Desktop

ASG-Remote Desktop
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Tool for managing and accessing multiple servers and desktops featuring integrated connection protocols for managing Windows, Citrix, Linux/UNIX and Macintosh systems with direct access to external applications.

ASG-Remote Desktop is a tool that enables administrative access to remote computers. The tool features integrated connection protocols, allowing you to manage Windows, Citrix, Linux/UNIX and Macintosh systems efficiently, if necessary from any computer via USB stick. ASG-Remote Desktop speeds up daily access to your administration tools and servers via a central console.

What's new in ASG Remote Desktop 2016:

  • Powershell-API: Use PowerShell to automate and administrate your managed data
  • Layout-Manager: Manage your own views with the new Layout-Manager: now you can save & restore your personal Window and Connection-layouts instantly
  • Sync offline data: Changes that occured in offline-mode could be synchronised to the Database while reconnecting if configured
  • New 3rd-party-component-versions: The newest versions of RDP, Putty, Firefox and SQL-Express have been integrated

ASG-Remote Desktop - Features

Key Features:

  • Flexibility with portable version: easy remote administration with flash drive from anywhere, without installation
  • Accelerated data access: fast access to remote computers in real time with the fastest version ever
  • Work continuously with offline mode: use data and objects, even if the database is not connected
  • Significant time savings: saving settings and credentials can save hours of time, especially when administering multiple remote connections
  • Efficient administration: create structured Remote Desktop Connections and administer them easily
  • Easy Collaboration: in database mode,  multiple administrators work simultaneously with the same objects without conflicts
  • Transparent reporting: strengthen compliance through the logging of errors, changes and access attempts
  • Extended security features: network Level Authentication, Microsoft Terminal Services Gateway

ASG-Remote Desktop - System Requirements

  • Microsoft Windows XP with SP3 or higher, x86 or x64 platform
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2003 and 2003 R2, 2008 and 2008 R2, x86 or x64 platform
  • Microsoft Windows Vista SP1, 7, 8 and 8.1, x86 or x64 platform
  • Microsoft Windows Server or higher, x86 or x64 platform
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0

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