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Forensic Replicator

Forensic Replicator

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Forensic Replicator is a bit-stream forensic image creation tool.

Paraben Forensic Replicator is a Windows based bit-stream imaging tool that gives you the flexibility you need for creating forensic grade, bit-by-bit images of hard drives and media. Forensic Replicator can image any media that mounts as a drive in Windows including floppy disks, the creation of ISO images and creating VHD images. Forensic Replicator also supports the most popular write blockers so your image creation report will show if you used a write blocker when creating your image.

  • Supported Image Formats:
    • PFR Images
    • Raw Images
    • Fixed Size VHD Images
    • Dynamically Expanding VHD Images
  • SHA1 Hash Value Calculation
  • DoD Standard Media Wiping
  • Drive to Drive Image Option
  • Preview Image Files
  • Encrypt Images
  • Split Images to Specific Sizes
  • Compress Images to Save Space
  • Restore Images to Physical Drive
  • Create Self Extracting Files

PaperPort - Features

PaperPort 12 is our popular scanning and document management software application designed for home office use. An easy-to-use combination of filing cabinet and digital document desktop, PaperPort 12 enables you to scan, organise, find and share all your documents and photos from your PC. It enhances the capabilities of your scanner or All-In-One device to quickly transform paper - mail, photos, legal paperwork, tax information, forms, bills, receipts, warranties and other important documents - into high-quality, searchable PDF files with the click of a button. It even puts all the PDF files on your desktop in clearly marked, colour-coded folders, so information is always at your fingertips. With PaperPort 12, you can put an end to your reliance on copying, faxing and mailing to reduce waste, conserve energy and save money. Theres no better, faster or easier way to eliminate paper and organise your home office once and for all.

Customers use PaperPort 12 to:

  • Reduce paper clutter all over the house
  • Empty desk drawers and get rid of bulky file cabinets
  • Scan, view, edit and share PDF files with unprecedented speed and ease
  • Find documents instantly whenever you need them
  • Organise and manage all documents in one easy-to-use software application
  • Bring greater efficiency to home-based businesses, personal finances, school work, photo collections, hobbies and other endeavours.

The Power of PaperPort 12

Get organised
Store and organise exact copies of your scanned documents and photos on your PC so you can always find them quickly.

Be an expert in no time
A new tabbed ribbon interface logically groups features with clear text descriptions, making PaperPort 12 remarkably easy to use. A customisable Quick Access Toolbar puts frequently-used features right at your fingertips.

Go green
Reduce waste and conserve energy by putting an end to your reliance on printing, faxing and mailing. Youll save money, too.

Keep track of documents
Once a document is filed electronically in PaperPort 12, it will never be lost, damaged or accidentally thrown away.

Get more done faster
PaperPort 12 includes a powerful PDF Viewer that can replace the free Adobe Reader, so you can view, edit and share PDF documents as never before.

Find information instantly
Now you can create searchable PDFs from digital files and scanned paper documents. Just enter keywords or phrases into Windows or Google Desktop Search and quickly locate a specific file.

Clean up and enhance digital photos
Make your digital photos look better than ever with a feature-rich set of photo tools and optimal resolution for screen and print.

Convert paper into text
Just drag and drop to turn scanned document images into editable text for use in popular word processing or spreadsheet software.

Fill out forms quickly, neatly
FormTyper converts scanned paper forms into electronic forms you can fill out, save as PDF and email. Its fast, easy and automatic.

Works with most scanners
Make your All-in-One printer, mobile scanner, or desktop scanner faster and easier to use with PaperPort 12. Get better results, too.

What's New

PaperPort 12 includes a number of valuable new features to help you view, organise, find and manage your documents more quickly and easily than ever before.

  • New, Streamlined User Interface
    PaperPort 12 is now easier to use because all the program features are presented on a set of tabbed, ribbon-style toolbars that logically group functions with clear text descriptions. The new Scan Now button lets you can scan documents with one click - without having to change to the scanner settings view. A customisable Quick Access Toolbar appears above the ribbon toolbars, so you can put your most frequently-used features at your fingertips.
  • Improved PDF Handling Performance
    PaperPort 12 enables you to open and display PDF files faster than ever using PDF Viewer Plus, a newly-developed Nuance PDF handling application that can replace Adobe Reader. PDF Viewer Plus opens files much faster than the general-purpose ImageViewer (also available in PaperPort 12) . The new viewer optimises the rendering resolution for each element on the page, to yield a cleaner display and optimum print resolution.
  • Enhanced PDF Features
    PDF Viewer Plus provides a wide range of new PDF features, including improved annotations and dynamic or transparent stamps. In PDF Viewer Plus, you can send images within a PDF document to the ImageViewer, where they can be enhanced using Scanner Enhancement Technology (SET) tools. When you close ImageViewer, the modified images automatically appear back inside the PDF. You can fill and email PDF forms, or create new ones from static forms, with the updated FormTyper, which can instantly turn any static form into a fillable one. FormTyper is now integrated into the PDF Viewer Plus and uses Logical Form Recognition technology to detect the form elements. It also gives you greater control over element properties. Creation of searchable PDF files is now available through Scanner Profiles, via a right-click Save As operation on the PaperPort Desktop, or directly in the PDF Viewer Plus application. This makes the content of your scanned paper documents or image files accessible to search engines such as Windows or Google Desktop Search.
  • More Accurate OCR
    PaperPort 12s OCR (Optical Character Recognition) scanning accuracy has been significantly increased over previous versions. This improvement yields greater success when searching the content of Searchable PDF file archives. Whats more, you can now apply language settings to OCR for even greater accuracy in all supported languages.
  • OCR Support for Digital Camera Pictures
    The Send To Bar options for text applications have been updated to include a PaperPort OCR option for digital camera correction. With this new feature, you can now take a picture of a document and accurately convert it into a text document. This is done by applying Nuances 3D Correction methods that flatten page images and correct distortions, thereby increasing the accuracy of the resulting text document.
  • Updated How-To-Guides
    PaperPort 12 offers an updated series of illustrated mini-guides that show typical tasks and processes, as well as provide quick access to program areas and relevant Help topics. The How-To-Guides can now be switched on in the Help section of the tabbed ribbon toolbar.
  • Enhanced Folder Management
    With PaperPort 12, the number of colours available for distinguishing folders has increased from 9 to 29. Colour-mark your important folders so that you can easily find them in your folder structure.

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PaperPort - System Requirements

System Requirements

  • A computer with an Intel Pentium, newer or equivalent processor.
  • Microsoft Windows XP 32-bit (SP3 or above), Windows Vista 32- or 64-bit (SP2 or above), Windows 7.
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 or above.
  • 512 MB of memory (RAM), 1 GB recommended.
  • 500 MB of free hard disk space for application files, plus 20 MB working space during installation.
  • SVGA monitor with 256 colors, but preferably 16-bit color (called Medium Color in XP and Vista) and at least 800 x 600 pixel resolutions.
  • Windows-compatible pointing device.
  • CD-ROM drive for installation.
  • Web connection for activation and web update.

Note: Performance and speed will be enhanced if your computer's processor, memory and available disk space exceed minimum requirements.

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