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Folder Permissions Manager

Folder Permissions Manager

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Manage Outlook Permissions on Exchange Mailbox and Public Folders
Powerful, feature-rich UI controls for 4 frameworks and 5+ operating systems.

Key Features:
  • Column Persistence
  • Fixed cell single and range selection
  • Autosizing columns / rows on double-click
  • Highly configurable and flexible grid
  • Various cell types available and built-in as well as support for custom cell types
  • Fixed columns left and/or right, fixed rows at top and/or bottom.
  • Column & row freezing
  • High performance virtual mode
  • Several selection modes: single & multi cell, column, row, distinct cell, row, column
  • Cells with support for HTML formatted text, hyperlinks
  • Editing with range of built-in editor types and capability of using custom cell inplace editors
  • Cell merging and splitting
  • Grouping support with summary rows, and group calculations such as average, sum, min, max, custom calculation...
  • Filtering with optional auto filtering via dropdown
  • Different cell layouts for different cell states
  • Read-only and/or fixed state per cell configurable
  • Single column sorting, indexed column sorting, grouped column & indexed column sorting
  • Pixel and cell scrolling modes
  • Keyboard and Mouse handling customization: tab, enter, insert, delete key handling
  • Column and row dragging and sizing
  • Cell controls such as checkbox, radiobutton, button, bitmap, progressbar etc...
  • Configurable touch scrolling optimized for iOS / Android
  • Banding
  • Clipboard support
  • HTML Export
  • PDF Export
  • Excel Import / Export via the TTMSFNCGridExcelIO
  • Find and replace functionality
  • Separate ToolBar Popup

  • Component for loading and editing data from any dataset
  • Separate columns collection with DB-related properties
  • Option to automatically extract fields and create equivalent columns

  • Simple formula editing interface
  • Auto recalculation
  • Native XLS file import and export
  • Single cell recalculation, full recalculation
  • Extensive range of mathematical functions
  • Save with formulas or formula results only
  • Single cell references in formulas
  • Cell range formulas
  • Formula precision for grid on cell basis
  • Display formulas or formula results
  • Date / time functions
  • Intelligent formula aware copy and paste
  • Can be extended with custom functions
  • Cell names
  • Cell name mode can be RxCy style or A1-style
  • Inter TTMSFNCSpreadGrid instances cell references in formulas
  • Math library infrastructure to allow easy extending TTMSFNCSpreadGrid with custom functions

FlyGrid.Net - Features

FlyGrid.Net is a fast, lightweight and highly customizable Windows.Forms Tree/Grid control which completely manages the data, offering outstanding power and flexibility to dispay, manage and manipulate tabular and hierachical data.

Features include:

  • 100% C#, Windows.Forms, CLSCompliant Control
  • Speed, Flexibility, and Performance
    • Small size - about 340Kb
    • Compatible with .Net 1.0, 1.1, 2.0 versions.
    • Wide range of C# and VB.Net samples available. Delphi.Net demo coming soon.
    • Works in unbound, bound and virtual modes.
    • Fast adding and clearing of nodes
    • Connecting to data sources or adding nodes directly to rows
    • 100,000 nodes added per 0.2 sec
  • Development Environments and Languages support:
    • Microsoft Visual Studio .Net
    • Borland Developer Studio .Net
    • Includes C#, VB.Net and Delphi.Net samples collections.
  • Design Time/Serialization
    • Full design-time support.
    • Full CodeDom serialization support.
    • Flexible runtime/design-time Nodes editor for NodeCollection (TreeCollection.Items, FlyGrid.Rows.Items)
    • Flexible format designer for NumberColumn and DateTime columns.
  • Data
    • Works in bound,unbound, virtual and mixed modes
    • Connects to several types of data sources - TreeCollection provides work with non DB-bound data, and IList and IListSource implementors.
    • Allows IBindingList, ITypedList, ICustomTypeDescriptor as data source.
    • Nested data open automatically in the nested grids.
  • Print/Preview
    • generates PrintDocument
    • flexible printing options, header, footer, pages numbering.
    • FitToPage, FitToPageWidth modes available
    • Printing in single line of code
  • Split Views and Fixed Columns
    • FlyGrid provides splitting into several horizontal and vertical views, supports removal and addition of split views at runtime.
    • FlyGrid supports fixed columns on the left and right sides of control.
  • Selection
    • Cell block Selection
    • Extended selection: Shift/Ctrl allowed
  • Drag/Drop
    • Selection - cell blocks/rows/columns.
    • Several formats can be gragged
    • UI support
  • Columns
    • Wide range of column types.
    • Column Summaries types - Count, Max, Min, Average, Sum.
    • Column Filters can be customized at runtime.
    • Several column fitting modes - Exact, ToCaption, ToText, SmartFit
    • Maximally customizable - you can develop your own column.
    • EditMask support.
    • Special column types - HierarchyColumn and TreeViewColumn to display
    • outline/checkboxes associated with nodes.
    • Resizable columns.
    • Movable with UI support
    • Clickable
    • Support SortOrder, show sort order markers.
    • Automatic change of sorting order by clicking on the column header
    • Support images in headers.
    • Caption alignment, Text alignment
    • Support pixel scrolling on horz.scroll
    • Four built-in style editors: simple, dropdown, dialog, spin
    • Custom dropdowns - any control can be a dropdown
    • Custom drawing of column elements.
    • AutoDetectDataTypeColumn - dynamically autodetects data type, editor style, and uses standard value editors like PropertyGrid. The best solution for organizing vertical grids
    • Context menu for each column, that can be prepared in the on before pop-up
  • Nodes/Rows
    • Nested grids: each row of FlyGrid can contain several levels of nested grids
    • Sorting by several columns.
    • Group/Ungroup by several columns
    • Display linear and hierachical data
    • Display data as vertical grids (see the Demo)
    • Expand/collapse nodes
    • Support checkbox and radio button nodes.
    • Nodes can be hidden
    • Row header display
    • Row indicator display
    • Implementing some special interfaces allows additional functionality (IStyledNode, INodeWithImage, ISeparatorNode ...)
  • Look and feel
    • Full support of XP Themes: OfficeXP emulation, XP - full support
    • Five styles of appearance NoBorders (UltraFlat), Flat, Lite, Standard, OfficeXP, XP (supports themes, if app is not themed - emulates)
    • Hot tracking.
    • Fully customizable: via Stylist you can control drawing of any FlyGrid.Net element (Example: see GradientStylist.cs in the SDK)
  • ToolTips support
    • In cells
    • In column headers
  • International/Unicode/RightToLeft
    • Full RightToLeft support
    • Unicode
    • Unlimited string length in cells supported
    • Localizeable properties I
  • Built-in Editors
    • Four built-in style editors: simple, dropdown, dialog, spin
    • Custom dropdowns - any control can be a dropdown

    FlyGrid.Net - System Requirements

    System Requirements

    .Net Framework 1.0 or later

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