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Duplicate Email Remover

Duplicate Email Remover

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Microsoft Outlook plug-in enabling the search and processing of duplicated e-mail messages in Microsoft Outlook folders. Process e-mail messages and posts and find mail message copies in a single folder and in different folders.

Duplicate Email Remover helps you clean up duplicate email messages and posts in Microsoft Outlook. It is a very fast, powerful and safe tool which processes completely identical items only.

Key Features:

  • Delete duplicate emails.
  • Mark duplicate messages with the flag.
  • Copy duplicates to the specified folder.
  • Move duplicates to any folder.
  • Recognise duplicates in the same folder, or in different ones.
  • Process duplicates in Public folders on the Microsoft Exchange Server.

Duplicate Email Remover - Features

Duplicate Email Remover is a powerful and flexible Microsoft Outlook plugin intended for the search and processing of duplicated mail messages in Microsoft Outlook folders. It is fully compatible with Microsoft Exchange Server and may be used to process public folders on a server. For customers who have permission to connect to mailboxes of other users, mailboxes of other users can be processed as well as their own.

This Outlook plugin processes both email messages and posts in mail-type Microsoft Outlook folders only. For customers looking for a tool to remove contacts, notes, tasks, journal and calendar items, please see Duplicates Remover for Outlook plugin .

Duplicate Email Remover can be used with Microsoft Office Outlook only. If Outlook Express is being used, please see Remove Duplicates from Outlook Express plugin.

This Outlook plugin can be used to find mail message copies both in a single folder and in different folders. A duplicate message found can be:

  • marked with flag
  • deleted
  • copied to any folder you choose
  • moved to any folder you choose.

The Priority system within the plugin is used to search for duplicates across several folders. Using the priority system, you can specify, for example, that of the two identical messages stored in the folders "Important Letters" and "Temporary Folder", it is the message from the temporary folder that should be considered the duplicate and hence needs to be deleted (marked, moved).

General Features

  • Text of a mail message or post stored in Microsoft Outlook base may be in one of the following formats: HTML, RTF or plan text. When Duplicate Email Remover compares mail message texts, it gives preference to the Plain Text format. The RTF and HTML formats are only used if a message or post cannot be presented in the Plain Text format. While comparing message or post texts, Duplicate Email Remover ignores spaces, hyphens and tab symbols since they carry no additional information
  • When Duplicate Email Remover compares internet headers, it ignores the information about the message service sites and the time of message transmission. This is because the same message transmitted through different services will have a different heading, but it won't contain any additional information.
  • One or more files can be attached to a mail message or post. Outlook plugin compares both the names and the contents of such attached files
  • Any given message has two very important parameters: the sending date and time and the receiving date and time. The date and time of a mail message received cannot be used as message comparison criteria, as one and the same message may be received at different times. That's why only the sending date and time are compared. With posts, the posting time is used for comparing.

New in Version 2.15.3

Support for Microsoft Outlook 2007 hotfix package KB958789 has been added.

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Duplicate Email Remover - System Requirements

Technical requirements and compatibility of the Duplicate Email Remover

  • Microsoft Outlook 2007, 2003, 2002/XP, 2000
  • Microsoft Windows 95, 98, NT, ME, 2000, XP, 2003, Vista

Supported languages (program interface and help file)

  • English
  • Russian
  • German

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