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PowerTCP Web Enterprise for ActiveX

PowerTCP Web Enterprise for ActiveX

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Add advanced web (HTTP and HTTPS) communications from either a client application or another Web Server.

PowerTCP Web Enterprise for ActiveX is perfect for automated web searches that require complex HTML parsing and secure file transfers. Web Enterprise includes HTTP/S COM controls, performs HTTP/S requests includin GET, POST and HEAD, is feature rich with Active X controls and has security and proxy support.

There are now separate "Trial" and "Licensed" versions of the dll. Trial dlls are not for deployment and will only function on machines on which a trial version of the product has been installed.

Key Features:

  • Perform HTTP/S Requests Including GET, POST, HEAD and more
    • Get web pages, traverse sites and download files to disk or memory
    • Upload files and automate form submissions
    • Blocking and non-blocking (asynchronous) operation
    • Progress event reports data transfer rate and statistics
    • Send any command to the server, including custom commands
    • Optimised for use in server-side ASP pages
  • Feature-Rich ActiveX Controls
    • Flexible cookie handling
    • Resume interrupted downloads
    • Add custom headers to any request
    • International character support
    • Log event for session logging and debugging
    • URL cracking parses adresses into parts
  • Security and Proxy Support
    • SSL2, SSL3, PCT, TLS support for stream-level security
    • Client-side and server-side authentication options
    • Real-time certificate acceptance or rejection
    • Basic HTTP Authentication
    • Firewall and proxy support, including SOCKS and HTTP CONNECT
    • Selective Proxy bypass support
  • Samples and Documentation
    • Stand-alone and online documentation
    • Many sample projects, including VB6 and VC++
    • VC++ Wrapper classes included for easy integration
    • COM+
    • Royalty-free licence

PowerTCP Web Enterprise for ActiveX - Features

PowerTCP Web Enterprise tool enables communication with Web Servers from a client or another Web Server using HTTP and HTTPS. Two HTTP Controls, the Web Control and the WebASP Control, provide a choice choice of Wininet dependence or independence. It is useful for automated Web searches that require complex HTML parsing and secure file transfers. It is compatible with Windows 95/98, NT4 and NT 2000 and requires Internet Explorer 4.0 or higher. All Dart products work in the .NET framework and .NET Samples are included.

New features in version 1.8.2

This maintenance release includes fixes for several issues, especially regarding asynchronous use. An issue with username and password encoding has been fixed. Variable encoding has been fixed. Issues regarding the handling of site redirection have been addressed. Also, conditions under which the server's response was not available have been eliminated. Also, a web request can now have a customized "User-Agent." Finally, the Tool includes an updated Registration program which provides clearer instructions for licensing PowerTCP products.

Features include:

  • HTML parser and resource collector
  • Certificate Management capability
  • Secure connections
  • Fetch a complete Web page using one method call
  • Blocking for scripting applications and non-blocking operation for event-driven applications
  • Control of security aspects of HTTP/S
  • Progress event for monitoring file transfers
  • Custom cookies can be specified in the NEW GetEx method
  • Put and Get methods spool files directly to and from disk or memory
  • Full proxy server support including selective bypass
  • Persistent internal cache support for second-time page fetches
  • Control supports URL cracking to identify separate parts: scheme, remote host, data path etc
  • The WebASP Control includes:
    • WinInet independence
    • Server-side optimisation
    • A robust object oriented design with 13 objects including a WebMessage object
    • A Command method enabling any command to be sent to a server
    • Security customisation
    • Events for managing secure connectivity.

The Web Enterprise Tool includes the following controls and supporting objects:

  • WebASP Control: WinInet independent server-safe HTTP/HTTPS control
  • Web Control: WinInet dependent HTTP/HTTPS control
  • CertificateList Control: Presents the user with an interface to select certificates
  • Certificate Object: Use to access information about a digital certificate
  • Certificates Object: Collection of Certificate Objects
  • CertificateStore Object: Use to gain access to a store of certificates on the local system
  • Cookie Object: Use to manage cookies
  • Cookies Object: Collection of Cookie Objects
  • DartStream Object: Manages a streamed buffer to/from memory or a file
  • DartStreams Object: Collection of DartStream Objects
  • DartStrings Object: High powered C++ optimised string manipulation collection
  • HttpHeaderFields Object: Use to manage HTTP header fields
  • HttpVariable Object: Use to store and manage variables
  • HttpVariables Object: Collection of HttpVariable Objects
  • WebMessage Object: Encapsulates the details of an HTTP Request and Response
  • WebPage Object: A powerful HTML parser, searcher and resource collector
  • WebResource Object: Description of a particular Web Resource with an option to download
  • WebResources Object: Collection of WebResource Objects
  • WebTable Object: Maps an individual HTML table
  • WebTables Object: Collection of WebTable Objects.

>The following environments are supported:

  • .NET Framework
  • Visual Basic
  • Visual C++
  • FoxPro
  • PowerBuilder
  • Delphi
  • C++ Builder
  • ASP
  • Office 97/2000.

SOAP for PowerTCP

The WebASP control and the WebServer control are fully compatible with the Microsoft SOAP Toolkit. They replacing the Microsoft HTTP transport protocol implementation with Dart native objects. SOAP solutions are now completely portable on the server-side without IIS requirements and super-charged on the client-side with fine-tuned security settings, in-depth debugging support and support for synchronous and asynchronous communications. Solutions can inter-operate with .NET services from any COM environment including Delphi, Borland C++ Builder and PowerBuilder.

PSTStation Corporate - System Requirements

Outlook 200x/XP
Windows 200x/XP

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