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Data Compare for Oracle

Data Compare for Oracle

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Compare Oracle tables and deploy differences

Data Compare for Oracle helps you compare data and deploy changes quickly, simply and with zero errors. Eliminate mistakes when deploying Oracle database changes from development, to test, to production.

Data Compare for Oracle is part of the Deployment Suite. Speed up database comparison and deployment tasks for shorter, more accurate release cycles with the Deployment Suite for Oracle.

Key Features:

  • Save time comparing and synchronising data.
  • Create error-free SQL deployment scripts to deploy data changes between your environments.
  • Troubleshoot and resolve errors caused by differences in data.
  • Generate SQL scripts to update one database with the contents of another.
  • Carry out any task using the command line tool. Automate scheduled tasks like comparisons and deployments for continuous integration.
  • Run Data Compare for Oracle on your build server for continuous integration (with the SQL Automation Pack)
  • Supports Oracle 9i, 10g, 11g and Amazon RDS for Oracle.
  • Command line - Complete rewrite of command line. Most features now available directly on the command line, without having to create a project first using the UI.

ANTS Performance Profiler - Features


  • From .NET code to database
    View performance data for both your .NET code and database requests made by the .NET code.
    Profile database requests your application makes to any SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL (or MariaDB), and PostgreSQL database.
    This is ideal if you're using an ORM.
  • Understand web requests
    View rich data about outbound HTTP requests made by your application, including request and response header information.
    See all the information in the context of the .NET code which caused the request to run.
  • File I/O performance
    Get comprehensive performance information on your application's disk activity.

More features

  • Jump straight to the slowest activity?
    The call tree shows performance data for every method and identifies the most expensive methods, database queries, and web requests.
  • Drill down to slow lines of code with line-level timings?
    Profile C# or any other .NET code line by line, with precise timing data so you can find issues at a glance. Expensive lines of code are automatically highlighted for quick visual inspection.
  • Look at your code's database interaction
    Understand how your .NET code makes database queries and how those queries perform. ANTS Performance Profiler supports SQL Server and Oracle databases, whether local or remote. (Only available in Pro edition)
  • Capture outgoing web requests
    Look at your application's outgoing HTTP requests. Get data about the request and response headers, and see what .NET code caused them to run. (Only available in Pro edition)
  • Immediate feedback on application performance?
    Use the interactive timeline to check the CPU usage of your .NET or ASP.NET application and highlight problem areas to focus only on the data that matters.
  • Group methods by HTTP request
    Code and database activity are grouped by HTTP request, exposing performance problems on specific web pages. (Only available in Pro edition)
  • Profile async code
    Understand the performance of C#5 async code. View activity in the context of the code you wrote, and see how work being done asynchronously is related to the async method which caused it to run.
  • Decompile third-party code
    Find bottlenecks in third-party components and framework assemblies using integrated decompilation, powered by .NET Reflector. (Only available in Pro edition)
  • NEW: Profile SQL queries
    Relate timings for your individual lines of .NET code right through to the SQL execution plans. Find out exactly why your SQL query is running slow.

Retina - System Requirements

  • Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 with SP6a, 2000 or XP
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer Version 4.01 or higher
  • 64 MB RAM
  • 20 MB available hard disk space
  • Internet connection for remote scanning.

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