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Acunetix 360

Acunetix 360

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ActivePython is an industry-standard, commercial-grade Python. It offers hassle-free implementation and significant time savings over open source Python for installing and managing common Python modules. ActivePython comes precompiled and tested for easy out-of-the-box installation and includes core Python, common modules, the Python Package Manager (PyPM), with builds for Windows, Linux, Mac, AIX, HP-UX and Solaris.

ActivePython is compatible with cloud, virtual machine and container environments. Being completely cross-platform, ActivePython can be used in any virtualisation, container or cloud environment based on Linux, Unix, Windows or Mac OSX.

ActivePython Business Edition is an affordable solution for small and mid-sized organisations that need failsafe Python for business applications but dont require advanced features like indemnification or enterprisegrade support. Business Edition customers trust ActiveStates guaranteed technical support and regular fixes and updates to ensure theyre using the most secure, highperformance Python in their applications.

Key Features:

  • Commercial Support at an Affordable Price: Troubleshooting via support forums costs you in labor time and unreliable results. With Business Edition support, you ensure maximum productivity and uptime, as well as peace of mind.
  • Access to Current and Legacy Versions: Get the language version you need on the platform you want. The following versions are available for purchase with Business Edition
  • Complimentary Komodo IDE License: With the purchase of a Business Edition license you will also receive our award-winning integrated development environment Komodo IDE at no additional cost. Ask your ActiveState Account Manager for more information.
  • Fast and easy module management:
    • Find and install modules quickly and easily with access to the package manager for your respective language (PPM, PyPM and Teapot)
    • Note: Module availability varies by language and version. Each package manager reflects the most up-to-date module availability

activePDF WebGrabber - Features

Key Features:

  • Server-based HTML to PDF conversion
  • Designed from ground-up for server-side processing
  • Enterprise-class, multithreaded performance
  • Centralized control over conversion settings
  • No per-user or per-document fees
  • Support W3C HTML 5, CSS, JavaScript, Flash and forms
  • Generate PDF dynamically from your web applications
  • Remote component enables offloading jobs to separate server
  • Configurable for both superior performance and high fidelity
  • Choose your HTML rendering engine on a job-by-job basis

activePDF WebGrabber - System Requirements

Operating System Requirements
  • Microsoft Windows ServerTM 2008 (32- or 64-bit edition) OR
  • Microsoft Windows ServerTM 2012 R2
  • Microsoft .NET Framework is required to use WebGrabber's .NET component
    (.NET 3.5 for the API, .NET 4.0 for the service if it is not detected, you will be given the option to install it.)

Note: If ActivePDF Server is installed on the same machine, you need to install Server 2013 R1.1 (2013.1.1.15090) or higher before installing this WebGrabber update.

Minimum Recommended Hardware Requirements

  • Pentium III 500-MHz or higher
  • 350 MB of RAM
  • 175 MB of Hard Disk Space (for application)

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