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Nib Click-Less

Nib Click-Less

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Performs 95% of button clicking operations automatically and can be used with any standard mouse. It has been developed specifically for the E-Quill-AirO2bic mouse.

Virtually Hands Free (VHF) Mousing System and NIB Click-Less software

The VHF Mousing System is a 'bundle' of the E-Quill-AirO2bic (a vertical Grip-Less mouse that provides a neutral and relaxed mouse behaviour) and Nib Click-Less software. These products allow users to work in a position that ergonomists and therapists call 'Functional Neutral'. This is a position in which users are able to work while in a 'neutral' or near resting position.

  • Nib Click-Less Software: The Nib software component of the VHF mousing system is Auto-Click software that is optimised for word processing and web browsing applications (for PC's and Macintosh). It automatically performs up to 95% of button clicking operations for users and works best with the E-Quill-AirO2bic . Nib Click-Less software has a 'point and click' system. Users place the cursor on the location where the mouse click is to be performed. After a small delay (user defines) the software will perform the click for users. A separate delay can be configured for web browsing. The program has a built in and user definable break timer with 'Add Back' function. If users take an unscheduled break to answer the phone, it adds back time until the next Nib break so as to reduce users RSI risk.
People who benefit:
  • Persons with Disability: The Virtually Hands Free mousing system allows for conventional mousing techniques without the need for muscle activity forward of the elbow. This enables those with reduced dexterity of most kinds to be able to use the full features of their software, including and especially an easier and fuller Internet experience. Upper arm muscles are used to move and point the mouse, there is no need to grip or click. Some persons with tremors may find that they can avoid unintentional clicking, as they are now able to  manoeuvre without fingers being in close proximity to mouse buttons.
  • Persons with Functional Impairment (Injuries): Whether as a result of on or off computer injury the E-Quill-AirO2bic will help to alleviate the strain of computer mouse usage by untwisting the wrist and avoiding what is called Static Posture. This is when a constant grip is maintained, the excessive use of which is now reported as correlating with computer mouse related injuries. For those who have trouble clicking, or those receiving treatment for hand or wrist injuries, the Virtually Hands Free mousing system removes the need to grip or click.

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