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Dolphin Guide

Dolphin Guide

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Simple computing for people with a visual impairment

Guides unique step-by-step menus are presented in high contrast colours of your choice and the friendly voice reads aloud your options every step of the way. Guide strips back all the scary stuff and presents simple menus that are clutter and jargon free!
Keep in touch with friends and family by sending emails or voice messages. Guide makes using the internet easy too; with just four keys you can read any web page! With Guide you can also scan and read your post, make Skype calls, read books & newspapers, listen to radio and much more.

Key Features:

  • Fully Accessible:
    • Guide comes with a choice of friendly maleand female voices that read everything aloud. Pick your preferred voice, choose how fast or slow Guide talks to you and then youre ready to start!
    • Guide allows you to magnify the screen and zoom in for the detail, ensuring everything on the screen always remains crystal clear.
    • Choose a high contrast colour schemes that suits your sight.
    • Using a touchscreen with Guide is very simple, even if youve never used a touchscreen before.
  • Communicate:
    • Send, receive and reply to emails with Guide.
    • Access a world of information with just 4 keys. Simply use the up and down arrow keys to move about and Guide will highlight and read aloud each piece of text.
    • Receive and make free Skype telephone calls to any location in the world using Guide and the Internet.
  • Read More:
    • Add a scanner and Guide turns your computer into a reading machine.
    • Browse from millions of books, magazines and periodicals or search for your favourite author.
  • Entertainment:
    • Guide includes a suite of games for your entertainment; and, just like the rest of Guide, all the games are simple to use and fully accessible for users with little or no sight.
    • If you're new to a computer, Guides typing tutor enables you to explore the keyboard and learn where each key isand what it does. Ideal for novices, the typing tutor includes 16 lessons to support your progression and confidence.
    • Listen to your favourite radio stations and podcasts from around the world. Or enjoy BBC radio** from the past 7 days replayed at the touch of a button.
  • Get Organised:
    • Guide takes you through the whole process of writing letters and documents, using clear audio instructions and reading out text as it is typed. Guide helps you professionally format your letter. Guide will even print your envelope for you!
    • Enter appointments in a calendar and choose to be reminded of important events. View your calendar month by month, day by day or hour by hour. Filter your calendar to show just free or just busy times.
    • Store postal addresses, telephone numbers, email addresses and notes for all of your contacts. Search to find a specific contact.


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