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The MAPILab company was founded in 2003 and has managed to take one of the the leading position on the market of software products for Microsoft Outlook since then. Today it offers more than 20 products within a wide range - there are utilities for work automation and productivity improvement, components for developers, tools for teamwork.

The main focus of MAPILab's activities is the development of software for message exchange and team collaboration. A significant portion of these efforts are targeted at Microsoft technologies such as Microsoft Exchange Server, Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Office.

MAPILab products include a small add-in for Microsoft Outlook, which is intended for individual users and small businesses. Also featured are Microsoft Exchange Server extensions for medium and large corporations. Because the MAPILab team is comprised of people who are both developers and end users of Microsoft Products, they are uniquely able to identify the needs and possibilities which best deserve the application of our best efforts toward the improvement of the existing systems. This strength enables them to create extremely helpful and invaluable products.

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