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There are 3 types of licensing programs: Open Licence Program, Master Licence Program and Government Licence Program

CA Software Open Licence Program Government Licence Program
Program Type Transactional
Organisation served Commercial Organisation Government, education, healthcare and nonprofit organisation
Key benefits Brings reduced software costs and administrative benefits of volume licensing to organisations of any size Gives noncommercial organisations the opportunity for substantial discounts without volume purchasing obligations
Signed Contract No
Term None; program applis on a transaction-by-transaction basis
Forecasting required No
Minimum purchase requirement No
Minimum reorder No
Upgrade protection Yes, one- or three-year upgrade protection included in the maintenance
Technical support Yes, technical support is included in the maintenance with two levels of support available Yes, technical support is included in the maintenance.
Media Electronic Software Download (ESD) or CD available and included for most products


Open Licence Program (OLP)

CA Open Licence Program (OLP) is designed to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes by cutting the costs and complexities of acquiring and managing CA software and services.

How It Works

OLP's new pricing structure offers a single discount to all OLP buyers. No complicated points process, calculations or levels. With more than 100 CA products from seven solution areas to choose from, simply place an order for as little as one licence and enjoy the benefits of the program. It’s that easy.

Your Dell account manager can quickly provide you with pricing, stock-keeping unit (SKU) information and order status through CA’s integrated Web-based quoting tool.

Upgrade Protection

You can protect your CA software investment for years to come. With one- or three-year upgrade protection, you receive future releases of your software at no cost. Your Dell account manager will proactively notify you about new products, features, and free or discounted upgrades.

Two Levels of Technical Support

With OLP, select one of two levels of technical support. Choose Value Support for access to telephone support 12 hours per day, from Monday to Friday. Or, choose Enterprise Support for access to 24/7 telephone support. Talk to your Dell account manager about the best options for your order.

More Choices

With OLP, you get the opportunity to purchase more products and services — including maintenance and education — than are available through retail outlets. Ask your Dell account manager about these opportunities.

Master Licence Program (MLP)

Master Licence Program (MLP) is a high-volume software licence program that offers considerable discounts on CA products. MLP is aimed toward organisations with large computing environments, including government agencies. MLP can reduce the cost of evaluating, acquiring, maintaining, upgrading, and managing CA software.

Each product and service offered through MLP has a point value assigned to it. To buy through MLP, you agree upfront to purchase products and services that equal designated point values over a 2-year commitment.

Government Licence Program (GLP)

CA Government Licence Program (GLP) offers the benefits of volume licensing without membership obligations to education, government, healthcare and nonprofit organisations. GLP offers substantial savings over retail purchasing. With easy administration and no minimum purchase requirements, cost of software ownership is reduced and redundancy is avoided.

How It Works

GLP is a simple transaction-based program that minimises paperwork. Your discount is standard — no complicated quotes. There are fewer stock-keeping units (SKUs) to manage. Plus, CA automatically registers GLP purchases. GLP means eliminating the hassle of keeping track of several licence keys — you get a single licence key for multiple installations.

Upgrade Protection and Technical Support

GLP offers maintenance that includes one- or three-year upgrade protection and 24/7 telephone support through CA Enterprise Support.

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(Last Updated: 29 April 2013)
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