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wPDF  by WP Cubed

wPDF is a powerful pdf maker which has been available since July 2001, and has been especially optimized for greater compatibility with most drawing commands commonly found in Windows applications. Unlike many competing products it not only deals with "Canvas" methods, but also with GDI API calls which require a device handle as a parameter (Canvas.Handle). wPDF is a delphi PDF VCL which can also be used with C++Builder (or Turbo C++). In case you need a PDF NET solution or a PDF ActiveX please check out our product wPDFControl.

Version 3 supports standard brush styles (hatching), the TransparentBitBlt function and has several internal optimizations to create smaller PDF files.

Its major new features though are the creation of PDF/A compliant PDF files (with added meta data and PDF tagging) and the use of CID fonts (known as "unicode" support).

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