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vOPS Optimizer  by VKernel

vOPS Optimizer, part of the VKernel vOperations Suite, analyses actual utilisation and VM performance metrics to right-size VM allocations and reclaim unused resources. vOPS Optimiser is unique in its ability to immediately implement allocation recommendations with vCenter automation. By using this optimisation solution, virtualisation administrators can use their hardware most efficiently.

Key features

  • vOPS Efficiency vSCOPE shows all misused resource areas in the entire environment across multiple data centers and hypervisors
  • Wastefinder Report uncovers storage waste and can automatically delete files such as abandoned VM images and unused snapshots
  • Rightsizing Automation offers one-click or scheduled resource reclamation implementation of resources identified as under or over-allocated

General features

  • Visibility into RDMs for storage re-sizing calculations and finding waste is enabled
  • Navigate synchronised vCenter folders
  • Universal exclusion of datastore folders in Wastefinder
  • Rightsizer splits into over and under-provisioned reports
  • Automate resource reclamation with user-specified rules
  • Filter for virtual machines that are turned on
  • Change the analysis time period for optimisation calculations at multiple resource levels
  • Edit the memory metric at multiple resource levels
  • Throughput is considered when sizing virtual machines.

Operational Benefits

  • Identify all infrastructure areas misusing resources across the entire environment at a glance
  • Reduce waste by identifying unused data objects for removal
  • Increase VM performance by optimising Hyper-V and VMware memory, CPU and storage allocations
  • Automate optimal VM sizing

Business Benefits

  • Defer equipment purchases with reclaimed resources
  • Reclaim software licenses from abandoned powered-Off and Zombie VMs
  • Avoid crisis procurements
  • Reclaim IT budget for other needs
For further details or pricing information, please call +44 (0)20 8733 7101 or email sales@qbssoftware.com