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iMindMap  by OpenGenius

iMindMap is a complete digital thinking space. It has an organic Mind Map View, unique free-form Brainstorm View, responsive Fast Capture View and accessible Presentation View. With the addition of the new Time Map View and refined Branch Drawing Tool, the possibilities are endless with iMindMap 10. iMindMap is packed full of powerful features to inspire creative thinking and get you where you need to be quicker. In any of iMindMap’s five views, you can style your creations with flexible design options, add additional information in the form of attachments, export Mind Maps to other formats and much more.

iMindMap is available in the following editions:

  • iMindMap Home & Student: iMindMap Home & Student is our light edition designed for personal use.
  • iMindMap Ultimate: iMindMap Ultimate is the publisher's flagship Mind Mapping and Brainstorming software, consisting of the full suite of advanced features from Fast Capture View through to Presentation View.
  • iMindMap Ultimate Plus: The special edition iMindMap Ultimate Plus package offers a chance to not only access exclusive material from the creator of Mind Maps, Tony Buzan, but also huge savings.

Key Features:

  • Flow Charts: The flowchart feature offers another creative way for you to capture, consolidate and organise information. Colourful, easy to use flowchart designs are a powerful tool in iMindMap that give you even more freedom and flexibility.
  • New Central Ideas: iMindMap’s collection of central idea images are a beautiful starting point to any project. Make your Mind Maps as personal as the ideas you’re capturing with our diverse range of central idea designs.
  • 3D View: 3D View offers a completely new way of looking at your thoughts. With easy to use navigation that lets you glide around your map from all angles, 3D View provides a totally original perspective.
  • Email Integration: Spend less time in your inbox and more time focusing on your most important work with iMindMap’s email integration. Send your iMindMap creations, from brainstorms to Mind Maps, directly in an email as .imx files or image files, all from within iMindMap.
  • Images and Icons: Images have the power to convey much more information than words and act as visual stimuli to make recalling information much easier. Search for images and icons in iMindMap’s extensive library, insert from the web or even upload your own.
  • Software Importers: Bring your ideas together with iMindMap. It’s fully compatible with other Mind Mapping software, giving you the flexibility to access and edit alternative Mind Map formats by importing them into iMindMap.
  • Branch Art: To help express your thoughts visually, add a splash of excitement to your branches by personalising them. With iMindMap’s diverse range of Branch Art designs you can draw intuitive and creative Mind Maps in no time.
  • Multimedia Support: All of iMindMap’s unique workspaces now allow you to preview and play a wide range of multimedia files from within iMindMap. Videos play in a pop up window, so you can enjoy seamless video access when working on a project or presenting to others.
  • Updated Side Panel: The Side Panel is simple and intuitive providing fast access to the tools you need most. The format tab places all of your favourite customisation tools at your fingertips, speeding up the creation of your unique, personal projects.
For further details or pricing information, please call +44 (0)20 8733 7101 or email sales@qbssoftware.com