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eScan Universal Security Suite  by MicroWorld Technologies

eScan Universal Security Suite for Home and Small Office Edition is specially designed to provide real-time protection to devices and computers with Windows, Macintosh, Android, Linux, and iOS operating systems from objectionable content and evolving cyber threats through a single license key.

Key Features

For Windows

  • Prevents Malware Attacks:With Real-time Protection feature, eScan detects malware even before it reaches your system. Its malware scan facility restricts malicious content from damaging your PC.
  • Restricts spam e-mail:eScan’s advanced anti-spam feature filters out unwanted e-mail from entering your inbox and delivers reports about any detected spam.
  • Your Data remains protected:Auto Back Up and Restore feature automatically restores all your valuable data so that you don’t lose any critical information in case of system crash or Malware attack.
  • Monitors your Kid’s online activities:eScan facilitates parental control to help keep your children safe online by controlling your child’s access to the Internet applications, games and objectionable websites.
  • Protection from Unauthorized Users:eScan Endpoint Security feature prevents data thefts and Virus infections via USB or Firewire-based portable storage device, such as Flash Drives/Pen Drives, SD Card, Imaging devices, Webcam and Portable Hard Disks.
  • Prevents Malware from Entering:This Anti-malware software allows two-way firewall that restricts malicious files from entering your computer, hence protecting it from virus, spyware, Trojans and other Phishing attacks.

For Mac

  • Warns You about Suspicious Applications:Detects and warns you about applications that work in a suspicious manner, thus ensures protection from Zero-Day threats.
  • Protects Your Data from Keyloggers:To ensure secured online transactions, eScan facilitates Anti-keylogger feature that protects your system against keyloggers while typing sensitive information.
  • Detects and Removes Rootkits:With Anti-Rootkit feature, eScan effectively scans, detects and removes hidden rootkits on your computer, thus ensuring you a secured computing experience.
  • Protection from Unauthorized Users:With eScan Endpoint Security, workstations are completely protected from theft of information by unauthorized users. eScan Management Console allows you to centrally manage all end points on your network and closely monitor all USB activities in real-time.

For Android

  • Protects data of lost/stolen device:eScan offers remote anti-theft web management of your device, blocks access and provides remote cleaning to wipe personal information from your device.
  • Remotely delete data from your lost/stolen device:With Wipe Data feature, eScan helps you to remotely delete data from devices that are either lost or stolen.
  • Provides complete web safety:eScan's Web Protection feature identifies the websites that the user visits and blocks phishing or malware infected web sites in real-time to provide complete safety of your device against threats.
  • Offers Application Control:eScan restricts you to download applications, unless specified. You can only access it by entering the eScan password for Android devices.
  • Checks the security level of installed apps:With Privacy Advisor feature, eScan accurately reviews the security level of all applications installed on your device and provides a list of apps using device permissions in a presentable format.
  • Offers backup of all contacts and SMS message:Backup and Restore of Contacts and SMS message feature allows you to keep a backup of contacts and SMS message on to the SD card of your device. If at all you lose your contacts, you can easily restore it back.

For Linux

  • Offers faster On-Demand scanning:The On-Demand scanning feature facilitates scanning of selected directory, local hard disk, home directory, memory and Graphical User Interface (GUI).
  • Protects users from zero day threats:eScan detects viruses that are being continuously released. This advanced feature protects the user from zero day threats.
  • Helps users schedule automatic scans:The Scheduled Scanning feature helps to schedule automatic scans on your system. It also includes Command line scanner that facilitates automation and scheduling of scanning.
  • Provides log of scanning activities:The Logs and Extensive Reports feature of eScan generates a complete log of scanning activities with date and time of scanning along with the path and name of objects scanned for further analysis.
  • Offers data stream scanning:The Data Stream Scanning feature of eScan scans the data stream of a file to detect hidden malware, which consists of all types of files including zipped and archived files.

For iOS

  • Anti-theft – Find your device on theft or loss:eScan Mobile Security for iPhones & iPads provides advanced anti-theft features for locating your device. If your device is lost or stolen, then you can make your device scream remotely or send any message that can be displayed on the device to retrieve it. Moreover, it allows you to take Photo of the user who is holding your device through online anti-theft portal
  • Safe Surfing - Ensuring safe online experience:Safe Surfing helps you to select website categories to be allowed or blocked in eScan browser. For example: You can block websites categories for Porn, Child Abuse, Violence, Alcohol, Tobacco, Gamble etc. and allow website categories for Education, Finance, Sports, Travel, News, Science, Fiction, History, Biology etc.
  • Facebook Privacy - Protecting your privacy on Facebook:iOS Mobile Security can configure your Facebook account and control privacy settings. It detects all the privacy concerns in your account and allows you to define settings for those concerns, such as who can search you on Facebook using the phone number or email address that you have provided.
  • QR Code Scanner – Scan and Detect Malware URL:After the scanning process gets over, QR Code Scanner displays the category of the scanned URL. If it comes under Malware category, then eScan highlights it in red. Note – eScan will not Scan and Filter URL if the scanned QR code contains text along with the URL.
For further details or pricing information, please call +44 (0)20 8733 7101 or email sales@qbssoftware.com