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Xmanager  by NetSarang Computer

Xmanager is a PC X server that runs on Microsoft Windows platforms. Applications installed on remote Unix-based machines run side by side with Microsoft Windows applications. It includes a session management console, X application launcher, X server profile management tool, SSH module and high performance PC X server for accessing a remote and virtualised Unix and Linux environment securely.

It is available in the following editions: Standard and Enterprise.

Xmanager Enterprise Edition includes additional features: LPD printer server, a terminal emulator and a file transfer client via SFTP/FTP.

Key Features:


  • Hardware Accelerated OpenGL Support: run 3D applications such as CAD or medical software.
  • Tab Based Frame/SplitPanes: Manage multiple remote desktops and display multiple tabs in a single window.
  • Folder Support: organise sessions in folders and start multiple sessions simultaneously by selecting to open all sessions within the folder
  • Improved Connection Status Dialogue Box: use the new Status dialogue box to determine the connection status including connection status, connection information and log messages
  • Tighter Inter-operability: start a connection using various connection protocols without creating a new session such as a session for XDMCP, and use the same session for SSH or FTP without importing them from Xshell or Xftp
  • User-defined Session Path: users can set custom default session directories enabling system administrators to set up the session so that it can be shared.
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