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Xceed Zip for Xamarin  by Xceed Software

Flexible and reliable Zip library for Xamarin compatible with all the latest updates to the Zip archive format, including UTF-8 to support all characters in filenames and LZMA for WinZip 12+ compatibility.

  • The richest feature set with over 200 capabilities
  • Supports the latest zip file format standards
  • Based on Xceed Zip for .NET with its 15-year track record

Key Features:

  • .NET Technology:
    • Written in 100% managed C# code and built and tested for Xamarin, with .NET frameworks 2.0 through 4.6.X.
    • 100% managed code, written in C#
    • Source code incouded with the Blueprint subscription.
  • Major features:
    • The only library to provide WinZip 12 compatibility, supporting the LZMA algorithm for improved compression in certain situations. Note: Zip files using WinZip 12’s special JPEG recompression feature are not supported.
    • Beefed up capabilities for handling large amounts of files.
    • UTF-8 character encoding in headers for improved support of special characters and international characters in filenames and comments.
    • Create new zip files or update existing zip files on disk, in memory, or on an FTP site.
    • Support for the Zip64 zip file format, eliminating the 4GB barrier and 16384 file limit.
For further details or pricing information, please call +44 (0)20 8733 7101 or email sales@qbssoftware.com