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Xceed Real-Time Zip for Windows Phone  by Xceed Software

Xceed Real-Time Zip for Windows Phone Lets developers add zip and unzip to any Windows Phone mobile app quickly and easily. Xceed Real-Time Zip for Windows Phone uses no intermediate memory storage or temporary files, helping to overcome the limited hardware of typical smartphones (compared to a PC). It also helps make your apps easier on data plans!

Key Features:

  • Lets developers add zip and unzip capabilities to any mobile device application developed using Silverlight for Windows Phone 7 or XNA 4.0, quickly and easily. Compresses and uncompresses files without resorting to intermediate memory storage or temporary files, helping to overcome the limited hardware of any Windows Phone smartphone (compared to a PC).
  • It can also help make your mobile app easier on data plans.
  • The product's main ZipWriter and ZipReader classes use any seekable or non-seekable Stream-based object as the target or source Zip archive, respectively, for complete flexibility and “on-the-fly” compression/decompression.
  • Lightweight libraries.
  • Creation of Zip archives begins as soon as data to compress has been received: no waiting for all of the files, or even for complete files. Doesn’t need to know in advance the number or size of files.
  • Zip archives can be immediately sent over a network as soon as the creation process has begun, and the remainder of the archive becomes available as it is compressed.
  • Secure: Because no temporary files are used while creating a Zip file, there is less chance of unauthorised access or modification of files during the Zip creation process.
  • Archived files are extracted and available instantly for further processing by the application even if the component is still receiving the Zip archive.
  • The size or number of files in a Zip archive has absolutely no impact on memory and disk-space requirements.
  • Just a few methods and properties are needed to perform powerful Zip compression/extraction.
  • Supports the BZip2, BWT, Deflate, Deflate64™, and PPMd compression methods.
  • Provides four compression levels.
  • AES encryption and decryption are supported for maximum security and WinZip compatibility.
  • The only library to provide WinZip 12 compatibility, supporting the LZMA algorithm for improved compression in certain situations. Note: Zip files using WinZip 12’s special JPEG recompression feature are not supported.
  • UTF-8 character encoding is available in headers for improved support of international characters in filenames and comments.
  • Events and properties to monitor and control the zip/unzip operations are also provided.
  • Reads the Xceed Unicode Extra Header, so it can now preserve filenames with Unicode characters. Very useful for handling international characters.
  • Compatible with older zip tools.
  • The ZipWriter can generate uncompressed zip files that the product's ZipReader can read increasing flexibility (combines the Deflate format and no compression).
  • Includes licence and key for Xceed Real-Time Zip for Silverlight.
For further details or pricing information, please call 08456 580580 or email sales@qbssoftware.com