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WhatsUp Gold 2017  by Ipswitch

WhatsUp Gold is enterprise-grade IT management for your networks, systems and applications brought together in a single pane of glass view. It provides application and network monitoring capabilities enabling IT managers to turn network data into actionable business information.

WhatsUp Gold 2017 provides a new way of visualising and interacting with your entire IT environment. This unique interactive map quickly shows your end-to-end network health, provides the context of how everything is connected and dynamically responds to interactions to give you the fastest time-to-answers. WhatsUp Gold 2017 streamlines workflows by letting you initiate management tasks directly from the interactive map. Proactively monitor networks, traffic, physical servers, VMs and applications with powerful and easy-to-use maps, dashboards and alerts.

Choose the edition that best fits your needs:

  • BasicView: Network monitoring essentials (Discovery, Availability Monitoring, Performance Monitoring, Alerting and Reporting and Inventory)
  • ProView: Set up to proactive server and network monitoring (All the capabilities of BasicView, Advanced Monitoring(WMI, SSH, HTTPS) and Wireless Monitoring)
  • TotalView: Visibility across your infrasctructure and apps (All the capabilities of ProView, Application and Web Monitoring, Flow Monitoring and Virtual Monitoring)
  • TotalView Plus: Infrascturcture, apps, network confirguration management and more (All the capabilities of Total View, Network Configuration Management and Two Scalability Pollers).
For further details or pricing information, please call +44 (0)20 8733 7101 or email sales@qbssoftware.com