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Vizit  by Vizit

Vizit is a content visualisation platform and social collaboration tool for Microsoft SharePoint. Vizit makes SharePoint content easier to find by placing previews alongside SharePoint lists and search results. By making content, visual users can easily view and navigate documents. Vizit enhances SharePoint collaboration by providing a platform for secure and compliant conversations integrated with content and workflow. Vizit creates a true Enterprise 2.0 experience within SharePoint by integrating Enterprise Content Management, Document Management and Social capabilities within the SharePoint framework.

Vizit also includes a web front-end, Social eXchange (SX) which enables highlighting of documents and interactive social conversations. Vizit SX conversations stay in the context of the associated document while inheriting its security and governance policies.

Vizit is available in the following editions

  • Vizit Essential: A revolutionary content visualisation solution for Microsoft SharePoint. Essential offers enterprise class visualisation without requiring application software or browser plug-ins, allowing content to be viewed anywhere at any time.
  • Vizit Essential Search: Vizit’s SharePoint search tool offers Best Bets, helping you find the key content within documents.
  • Vizit Essential Social: Vizit Essential Social focuses on making content usable, enabling you to read it, share it and discuss it.
  • Vizit Pro: adds powerful document management and collaboration features to Vizit Essential or Vizit SX web front-ends.

Key features:

  • Eliminate ‘Click & Wait’: provides enterprise class content-rendering and visualisation for Microsoft SharePoint, delivering efficient HTML to client browsers. Users receive only the document viewing pane, minimising download times and eliminating the need to upgrade ISP subscriptions.
  • Display Content Anywhere: users can view content in place anywhere–inside SharePoint and on external web pages.
  • Edit Document Properties: lets users edit the document’s properties from the Vizit Document Viewer.
  • Enterprise Class Visualisation: delivers enterprise class content visualisation for Microsoft SharePoint while automating check-in and check-out for end users.
  • In-document searching: highlights the keywords you searched on, showing them throughout the document. 
  • List filtering and sorting: introduces list filtering and sorting.With Vizit’s advanced filtering and sorting, you can organise lists to show the most important items first, creating a prioritised work list. 
  • Share content anywhere: SharePoint users can share documents or excerpts from them anywhere. 
  • Social conversations: Social eXchange feature makes it easy to start a conversation around a piece of content. 
  • Drag & Drop Page Manipulation: reorder pages with Vizit Pro  by simply dragging and dropping them into the right location.
  • Integrated SharePoint Search
    • Dramatically enhances the SharePoint search usability.
    • Also adds the ability to perform column based list searches easily without any configuration.
    • Enables searching multiple fields with AND and OR operators, date ranges, with sortable search results.

For further details or pricing information, please call 08456 580580 or email sales@qbssoftware.com