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Visual FoxPro  by Microsoft

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Visual FoxPro is a tool for building database solutions of all sizes using a a data-centric, object-oriented language. Organise tables of information, run queries, create an integrated relational database management system (DBMS) and program a fully-developed data management application for end users. Create .NET compatible solutions with hierarchical XML and XML Web services. Exchange data with SQL Server through enhanced SQL language capabilities and newly supported data types. Enhance user interfaces with dockable user forms, auto-anchoring of controls and image support. Personalise the Properties Window using properties, custom editors, fonts and colour settings. Build and deploy stand-alone and remote applications for Windows based Tablet PCs.

XML Web services created with Visual FoxPro can be consumed by XML Web service clients of Visual Studio .NET 2003 including ASP.NET and XML Web services created with Visual Studio .NET 2003 and any other standards-based XML Web service can be consumed by Visual FoxPro 9.0.

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