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Veeam Management Pack  by Veeam Software

Veeam Management Pack(MP) extends deep VMware monitoring, management and capacity planning to Microsoft System Center, providing complete visibility of physical and virtual infrastructures and applications - all from one console.

Veeam MP integrates fully with VMware and System Center, enabling all System Center functionality - including alerts, diagrams, dashboards, reporting, auditing, notifications, responses and automation - for all VMware components, including vCenter Server, clusters, hosts, virtual machines, storage and hardware.

Key Features

  • Capacity Planning Reports: Offer four new capacity planning report, built directly in Microsoft System Centre: Host failure modelling, performance forecast for datastores, performance forecast for vSphere Clusters and virtual machine capacity prediction.
  • Storage Monitoring Heatmaps: Provide an instant visual representation that uses colour and graphics to show how rapidly your infrastructure is growing.
  • System Center 2012 dashboards: Real-time performance views of critical vSphere systems are presented in new dashboard views.
  • New Model for Storage and Network: Separate topology views of distributed storage, network and compute environments allow you to quickly browse relationships and dependencies amoung your critical applications, services and supporting virtual and physical infrastructures.
  • Performance Analysis and Correlation Monitors: Accept inputs from multiple performance metrics and gather correlated data from other vSphere objects to help you solve problems faster.
  • Monitoring Capabilities: 200+ performance metrics and 850+ events.
  • Right-sizing Reports: Provide guidance to reallocated resources for VMs that are oversized, helping you to run a more efficient datacenter.
  • 24x7 delivery of Critical Monitoring Data: Rich and detailed information on the status of vCenter Server, vSphere hosts and virtual machines is continuously delivered, using a distributed architecture with automated high availability and load balancing.
  • Scalable Deployment and Centralised Management: Multiple: distributed collectors can be scaled to monitor even the largest VMware environments.
  • Secure and Agentless Data Collection: Uses API methods to collect event, topology and performance information from the virtual infrastructure.
  • Enhanced Fault Tolerance: Automatic re-targeting of data collection ensures continuous delivery of monitoring data. Even if vCenter goes down, it will not have an impact on monitoring.
  • Configuration Tracking and Alert Correlation: New configuration tracking shows what has changed in the vSphere environment,so if there’s an issue with resources or capacity, you’ll have a correlation of events to help you pinpoint the cause.
For further details or pricing information, please call 08456 580580 or email sales@qbssoftware.com