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VB Law
VB Law automates quality assurance for Microsoft Visual Basic via automated code reviews enabling reviews within the IDE to gather and report source statistics including cyclomatic complexity, detect code hotspots and verify coding standards compliance. It includes a rule editor, a sample rulebase of Visual Basic coding standards and a Visual Basic.NET compatibility test. It comprises an administrator rule editor, automated code review add-in and sample rule base.

VB Law Workstation
VB Law Workstation is an add-in for Microsoft Visual Basic that enables code reviews to be performed directly within the Visual Basic IDE. Code can be reviewed throughout the development life cycle. It comprises an automated code review add-in and sample rule base

VB Law Batch Processor
VB Law Batch Processor enables bulk automated code reviews and comprises a batch processor, a sample Visual Basic coding standards rule base, a context-sensitive help file and free technical support and minor version upgrades.

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