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Upload Suite  by Aurigma

Upload Suite is a set of upload components designed for document management systems, file sharing Web sites, Web 2.0 projects, photo print services, galleries, social networks, e-commerce and other upload-enabled solutions. Its primary intent is making mass file uploads easy; it enables multiple file upload, upload of entire folders, pre-upload client-side files and images optimisation.

It comprises of the following:

  • ActiveX/Java Uploader ASP.NET and HTML5/Flash Uploader ASP.NET: makes it possible to deploy and configure Aurigma uploaders in Microsoft Visual Studio via design mode and handle uploaded data almost without coding.
  • ActiveX/Java Uploader PHP and HTML5/Flash Uploader PHP: are collections of classes that allows PHP developers to work with Aurigma Uploaders in a usual way as with common PHP objects.
  • ActiveX/Java Uploader JavaScript and HTML5/Flash Uploader JavaScript: are core client-side libraries. The JavaScript libraries does not provide facilities to handle uploaded data server-side; however, they are more flexible and can be used with any HTTP-compliant server platform (not only ASP.NET or PHP).

Key features include:

  • Pre-upload image processing: performs all the image-related operations client-side. It can recompress, resize, rotate and crop images, apply watermarks and extract EXIF and IPTC metadata.
  • User-friendly upload: upload process is indicated with a progress bar, thus, users always know for how long to wait and they can always stop the upload process if it takes too long.
  • Integratability and customisability: installation pack contains real-life code samples allowing you to integrate it in your existing solution with ease. The customisability of POST requests allows seamless data exchange between Upload Suite and third-party applications and APIs.
  • Upload files to cloud storages support: includes special extensions which allow uploading files directly to a cloud storage from a browser.
For further details or pricing information, please call +44 (0)20 8733 7101 or email sales@qbssoftware.com