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UltraCompare  by IDM Computer Solutions

UltraCompare is a folder and file comparison utility that enables users to compare text files and folders, zip files and jar archives.

Text compare features include binary file comparison and text file comparison of two or three text files simultaneously, with the ability to merge text differences between compared files. Folder compare supports comparison of local and network directories and sub-directories with recursive folder comparison, zip file comparison and like text and binary comparison for merging differences between compared directories.

Key features:

  • Text compare
    • Large file support for comparison of files several GB large.
    • Windows explorer shell integration.
    • Ability to edit text lines and merge within UltraCompare.
    • Download webpage or web file for text compare by typing its URL into the file address bar.
    • Ability to compare whitespace differences between text files (tabs and spaces).
  • Directory (Folder) compare
    • Threaded compare engine for quick handling of large directories.
    • Switch comparison method on the fly (basic, full, or smart [includes text compare]).
    • Split compare screen to preview text in one pane while moving from file to file.
    • Explore source or destination directory by right clicking in folder compare mode.
    • Select files with different names in folder compare mode and compare them.
  • Folder synchronisation
    • Use pre-defined, customisable sync rules for determining how to handle differences.
    • Launch folder sync session directly from UltraCompare's Windows explorer context menu integration.
    • Specify criteria for what constitutes a duplicate file (name, size, date and/or content).
  • Merge features
    • Merge compared lines/blocks between files for two and three way text compare.
    • Merge compared files between directories for two and three way folder compare.
    • Enhanced merging - allows changes to be added to changes in other file.
  • Display features
    • Integrated IE browser support - display and compare HTML files as they would appear in the browser.
    • Full width display of active line of each compared file at bottom of application.
    • Flip comparison frames to switch source/destination files/directories.
For further details or pricing information, please call 08456 580580 or email sales@qbssoftware.com