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TranspOSe  by Dotted Eyes

TranspOSe can import a complete set of NTF tiles from several folders, such as those on an Ordnance Survey CD. It retains the attribute data from the NTF files, such as feature-level dates and reason for change in Land-Line, so changes since the last update can be shaded in a thematic map. In OSCAR, fly-overs or under-passes are identified at intersections. The optional Drive Restriction Information (DRI) and Address Ranges are translated with the OSCAR Traffic-Manager links and nodes. A wizard helps you adjust every aspect of the translation style, held in a parameter file. You can start by using the default file without having to set your own parameters. By saving more than one parameter file you can store various translation styles for different purposes. The style of line, symbol and text for each type of map feature can be set graphically. Land-Line symbols can either be drawn to suit the scale of the map, or at a constant size regardless of scale. There is also an option to adapt the text size for better consistency between Land-Line tiles of different scales.
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