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Tivoli License Manager  by IBM

IBM license management software offerings help companies achieve a total software asset management solution, enabling planning, management and optimization of enterprise wide software assets. With advanced software inventory, usage monitoring, contract and reporting capabilities, businesses can know exactly what software licenses they have, which ones are being used and which ones they need. In addition, these offerings help organizations to efficiently manage the contractual and financial details of software contracts and agreements.

IBM license management software offerings can help organizations:

  • Generate significant cost savings by automating the manual process of data collection needed continually for budget planning, contract negotiations and renewals. Helping to verify that businesses pay only for the software they need. It also strengthens the position of the business when negotiating software licenses by providing a complete view of software needs across the enterprise. Knowledge is power
  • Guarding against software license compliance problems - The embarrassment of not meeting your contractual licensing conditions and the unplanned cost of license compliance payments can be severe. Numerous nonprofit organizations are working aggressively to make sure businesses don't use software illegally
  • Increasing productivity - With the knowledge gained allowing businesses to plan for future software deployments and upgrades and match resources with demand
  • Optimizing software migrations and/or license model changes, data center consolidations, out-sourcing and in-sourcing events, as well as mergers and acquisitions. In other words, all restructuring events which require strong management to ensure efficient use of enterprise resource.
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