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Super Suite  by WebAssist

Site builder, file upload/download, site importer, shopping cart: get it all – and more - in one super package, Super Suite from WebAssist. Build any kind of site you need in Dreamweaver and add sophisticated Web functionality, without coding. Super Suite gives you both the power tools and the knowledge needed to put them to work. Best of all, Super Suite is a tremendous value: now you can save the most on the products that help you the most.

The Total Extension Line-up

Super Suite includes eCart, Digital File Pro, Database Search, Site Import, DataAssist, SecurityAssist, PhotoAssist, SiteAssist, Universal Email, Dynamic Dropdowns, Dynamic Flash Charts, Cookies Toolkit, and Validation Toolkit.

Database-driven sites, explained and exemplified

Example databases and the interactive training you need to know how to use them are also a feature of Super Suite. Get the Database Starter Kit for ASP with sample Access/SQL Server databases and the Database Starter Kit for PHP with MySQL databases.  

Super Suite = Super Value

Get all our full-featured products for one low price and save over $700 off the cost of buying these dynamite Dreamweaver extensions and learning tools separately.

Build as many sites as you want – for one price

All WebAssist products in Super Suite come with a developer’s license, so you can create site after site, and just pay once.  

Make the leap to eCommerce

Online stores are within your reach: Super Suite includes the powerhouse extensions eCart, Digital File Pro, and DataAssist. Create a public online store quickly with eCart to sell physical or digital goods and build manage all your databases online with DataAssist.

Your Server Model, Your Choice

All the extensions in Super Suite are fully PHP/MySQL compliant and work equally well in ASP-VBScript, ASP-JavaScript and ColdFusion.
For further details or pricing information, please call +44 (0)20 8733 7101 or email sales@qbssoftware.com