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Site User Directory  by BoostSolutions

The SharePointBoost Site User Directory Web Part allows users to display all users in a SharePoint environment. Users can be displayed according to online status, their membership in Organisational Units(OU), alphabetically, or by site.

The online status can be either displayed as the SharePoint default online status (based on MSN), or be based on when the user last logged in to SharePoint. Also, Site User directory gives the option to search for users, message other users, and to print user information.

A major difference between the SharePoint default Site User web part and the SharePointBoost Site User Directory is its ability to not only display SharePoint groups and AD groups, but also all members of SharePoint and AD groups in SharePoint.

Key Features:

  • Display SharePoint site users in a navigational tree view by site, in alphabetical order, by Organisational Unit (OU) or according to their present status
  • Options to display/hide SharePoint status
  • Show whether a user has been active in SharePoint within a 5-minute timeframe
  • Display a specific Organisational Unit
  • Display the Users directory as an Organisational Unit
  • Organise AD properties in customisable tabs (add, delete, rename or move AD properties and tabs)
  • Control which tabs are shown on the Web Part
  • Display AD groups, SharePoint groups and their members from within the Web Part
  • Search users by their account name
  • Print user profile information
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