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Sibelius  by Avid Technology Europe

Sibelius is a music notation software, trusted by top composers, publishers and students alike. Inserting rests into your score is now easier and more intuitive. Whenever you add one, Magnetic Layout automatically repositions the rest to align optimally with the phrasing of preceding notes—no manual fixes required. Create easy-to-read scores faster than ever. Plus, you can now move rests and notes horizontally in your score. It's now possible to have the same pitched note display a different accidental in any part compared to the rest of the score. You can also create concise first, second and third time bars that appear and play back exactly like you'd expect them to, eliminating manual correction. Plus, all time signature changes now appear after the barline but before repeat barlines by default.

Key Features:

  • Get All Access with Sibelius: With the latest version of Sibelius, creating beautiful, accurate, easy-to-read scores is more effortless than ever.
  • Share your music more easily: You now have the option of exporting your score as an MP3 audio file, making it faster and easier to send your music through email or over Skype, or even posting it across all of your social network channels.
  • Give it a rest: Inserting rests into your music just got a whole lot easier.
  • Get perfect repeated endings: If you've ever written music with first, second and third time bars, you may have spent some time fixing lines that Sibelius created a bit too long.
  • Repeat barlines appear before time signatures: Where start repeat barlines and time signatures coincide, Sibelius now correctly places the time signature before the repeat barline.
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