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SharpShooter OLAP  by Perpetuum Software

The SharpShooter OLAP package includes SharpShooter OLAP – an OLAP component for multidimensional data analysis; and SharpShooter Charts – a component for graphical data representation. The integration of the components provides an advanced and intuitive user interface specifically built for OLAP pivoting, slicing, drilldown and data visualisation in the form of interactive charts and graphs. The functionality of OLAP technology, rich library of series types and the ability to use any .Net data sources allow the creation of effective decision support systems.

SharpShooter OLAP is a completely managed OLAP component designed for the creation of effective decision support systems. It is capable of working with huge databases. With SharpShooter OLAP embedded in your application, your users will be able to view any amount of data in any way considered suitable at the moment, as well as perform interactive analysis of any type and quality. The following manipulations are available: data filtering, drilling down, rolling up, dimensional pivoting, ranking, etc. An evident advantage of the product is its ability to present data with the help of data visualisation components.

SharpShooter OLAP comprises:

  • SharpShooter OLAP is OLAP component for .NET that is written in C# and containing only managed code. The flexibility of the product is additionally extended by the ability to present data with the help of any third-party component, especially chart components. SharpShooter OLAP allows the users to interact with huge databases summarising and exploring data, to view any amount of data and to perform interactive analysis.
  • SharpShooter Charts - is a component for graphical data representation. A built-in WYSIWYG designer makes the process of graphs and charts construction intuitive. The product is remarkable for an advanced data binding model, unique object architecture, a rich library of standard elements and a set of available series types. It is possible to build fully customisable and non-standard chart elements and series. SharpShooter Charts is included in the SharpShooter Collection and is easily integrated into all components included in the package.
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