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ServerProtect  by Trend Micro

ServerProtect provides virus, spyware and rootkit protection and simplifies and automates security operations on servers. Scan and detect malware in real time and incorporate cleanup capabilities to remove malicious code and repair system damage. Administrators can use a single management console to enforce, administer and update malware protection centrally on every server throughout an organisation. Secure the entire server file system including compressed archives, distribute virus patterns to remove viruses and automate the damage cleanup process to resolve problems left by virus infections.

ServerProtect can be configured to download virus pattern files and scan engine updates automatically and distribute them to designated servers. It uses an incremental update mechanism so that the designated servers only download the new virus pattern files that have been added since the last version, saving download time and preserving network bandwidth. ServerProtect employs a three-tier architecture: the Management Console, the Information Server, and the Normal Server. A Normal Server can be any server on the network on which ServerProtect is installed, for example a file server or FTP server. The Management Console is used to configure dedicated Information Servers that then control the Normal Servers.

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