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Serv-U  by SolarWinds

Serv-U FTP Server from SolarWinds delivers quick, easy and reliable file transfer for your organisation. You can exchange sensitive files with your trading partners using secure FTPS (FTP over SSL/TLS) over both IPv4 and IPv6 networks. Users can view, upload and download files from intuitive Web and mobile interfaces. Designed for small businesses, Serv-U FTP Server is an affordable and secure file transfer software that helps you accomplish all your internal and external file transfer needs.

Serv-U is available in the following editions:

  • Serv-U FTP Server is a simple and secure FTP server software for Windows and Linux which provides FTP and secure FTP (FTPS) services that are compatible with nearly all FTP clients. Designed for small businesses to securely exchange files, Serv-U FTP Server supports up to three domains (e.g., "ftp.acme.com") and up to 250 users and ships with secure FTP (FTPS using SSL/TLS) and an intuitive Web transfer interface for end-users without FTP clients.
  • Serv-U Managed File Transfer (MFT) Server is a secure FTP server software that provides comprehensive security, automation and centralised control for file transfers across your organisation. Whether you are sharing files within your organisation or with your external business partners, Serv-U MFT Server enables you to quickly and easily perform secure file transfer and "ad hoc" file sharing operations.
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