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SecureCode Protection  by Ionworx Technology

SecureCode provides protection for Delphi or C++ Builder applications based on encryption of source code, securing any part of the code by requiring a key to enable execution. It prevents reverse engineering and illicit decompilation and can be used as additional protection for a current registration scheme. Encrypt specific procedures or functions so that they are decrypted only as they are used and re-encrypted as soon as the function is complete. Nested enryption is enabled and disabled in real time as the program is run. The security is internal to the software and is based on runtime encryption or runtime extraction block code that marks code fragments in the source code using a special start and end marker and requiring the insertion of a key to execute the code. This methodology can be used to protect registered functions or procedures. The Extraction Block Code mode extracts code from the executable file that can be locked using MachineID for additional protection.
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