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Scrambler Alert  by CPL Systems

Scrambler Alert

Scrambler Alert alerts you to problems and potential problems well before users find out. This means you can provide a better service. Scrambler software monitors with rock-solid dependability. Thousands of sites run it for years without interruption, as a 24x7 operator tracking your application, server and network problems.

Monitor Windows Servers including NT, XP, 2003 & Vista, Exchange, SQL, SAP, Lotus Notes, SNMP, WMI, Security, Firewall, Virus, Web pages, Event Logs, disc space, disc mount (including flash memory), networks, bandwidth, temperature, humidity, power, UPS, flood, smoke, webcams, intruder & PANIC.

An awesome variety of alerting possibilities from pagers to Blackberrys. Audio alerts via Skype VOIP to mobiles and landlines, Instant Messenger communications, SNPP, modem, broadcast, regular email etc.

Also monitors Unix (HP9000 SCO SUN RS6000 AIX), HP3000, VMS, AS/400.

Room Alert

Room Alert monitors computer room environment problems caused by air conditioning and mains power failures.


LITE Edition monitors in depth the system Scrambler Alert is installed on, plus basic monitoring of remote systems on the network, eg. IP Pings, SNMP Traps, Novell Netware, Windows NT/2K/XP/Vista UP/DOWN.

Enterprise Edition is for all Windows based networks and Netware systems.

DATACENTER Edition includes Enterprise Edition, plus a range of object types for non-Windows servers eg UNIX – HP-UX, AIX, SOLARIS, Tru64, Linix, SCO, OpenVMS, MPEiX, AS/400, VME etc.

A ‘Monitored Object’ is anything Scrambler is watching for you, eg a server, a service etc.

For further details or pricing information, please call +44 (0)20 8733 7101 or email sales@qbssoftware.com