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Sage 50 Payroll  by Sage

Sage 50 Payroll is our easy-to-use payroll software that allows you to manage and automate your whole payroll process. It's recognised by HMRC and will keep you up-to-date with the very latest payroll legislation, including RTI and Automatic Enrolment.

Key Features:

  • Prepare for Automatic Enrolment: Create an action plan, set up a pension or calculate the cost of Automatic Enrolment to your business in The Pensions Centre.
  • Manage and Submit: Your payroll information to HMRC under the new RTI legislation and keep a record of your submissions.
  • Automatically Calculate Statutory Payments: Such as tax, PAYE, National Insurance, sick pay, maternity pay and more.
  • Submit Securely to HMRC Online: Easily exchange information with HMRC.
  • Avoid Costly Fines: By choosing software that's recognised by HMRC and complies with all the latest legislation.
  • Run Your Payroll the Way You Want To: Whether it's weekly, two-weekly, four-weekly or monthly.
  • Automatically Calculate Wages: Payments, deductions and net-to-gross calculations are calculated automatically.
  • Stay Up to Date: with the latest legislation such as RTI and Automatic Enrolment
  • Pay Employees in a Way That Suits You: Choose from a variety of layouts to email or print employee payslips. You can even connect Sage 50 Payroll to your e-banking service and pay your employees electronically with our free add-on.
  • Set Up & Define Deductions: You can set up and customise deductions.
  • Securely Store Information: All of your employee information is kept in one secure location.
  • Efficiently Manage Holidays: Store and allocate holiday allowance in hours or days, and manage different holiday schemes based on specified entitlement.
  • Record Custom Absence Types: Customise different absence types to suit your business, such as unpaid leave.
  • Create Reminders: By date and time - helping you keep up to date with what needs to be done and assisting you in running all of your payroll tasks.
  • Easily Find Reports: It's quick & easy to find the report you're looking for.
  • Batch Reports: Run & print all the reports you need in one batch.
  • Keep Your Data Safe and Secure: Output reports to PDF and protect them with a password to keep them secure.
  • Customise Reports and Payslips: Range of layouts for you to choose from, or you can use the built-in Report Designer lets you customise your reports, payslips and other documents with ease.
  • Import Existing Data: Simple CSV import.
For further details or pricing information, please call +44 (0)20 8733 7101 or email sales@qbssoftware.com