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RadControls for WPF  by Telerik

RadControls for WPF is a powerful development suite of UI controls for creating engaging, interactive user experiences for Windows desktop applications. It offers powerful grid controls and high-performance data visualisation with a modern look-and-feel. New in Q1 2013 includes PivotGrid, Spreadsheet, TileList and BarcodeReader.

Key Features

RadDataBars: Track the trends in your data at a glance.

  • Visualise Trends: A graphic representation of various indicators, such as KPIs (Key Performance Indicators).
  • Proportional Lengths: Analyse data in adequate way and observe the exact trends.
  • Formatting options: Choose between solid colours and borders for your data bars.
  • Negative Values Support: Analyse data when negative values are involved.

RadGanttView: Visualise and manage hierarchical project data in a MVVM-friendly way.

  • Support for various project data: Visualise different item types like regular tasks, project milestones, summaries and the relations between them.
  • Highlight critical items: Highlight different types of important items like late or critical tasks.
  • Import MS Project Data: Import your MS project data into the GanttView control and visualise it in a user-friendly way.

RadDiagrams: Create rich, interactive diagrams simply and quickly.

  • More Tree Layouts: Different layouts give you numerous options in your organisational charts. The list includes Mind Maps, Left- Right, Right –Left and Tip-over tree.
  • Bi-directional MVVM data-binding support: Bind RadDiagram to a graph source that can be modified during run-time and the changes will affect the underlying source.
  • Grouping shapes and connections: Apply different manipulations on the whole group. There is also support for deep hierarchical groups.
  • Thumbnail a.k.a. Mini Map: Gives you an overview of the entire diagram, showing you the big picture, including shapes that are outside of the viewport.

RadPDFViewer: PDF-viewing in your application.

  • Complete virtualisation: User Interface elements are created only in the Viewport.
  • Text recognition and export to .txt: RadPDFViewer now can extract the text (characters, words, lines) from the PDF file and export it to .txt format.
  • Select and Copy: You can select text and copy the selected text.
  • Find: You can search text in the RadPDFViewer with Find Next / Find Previous functionality. 
  • Caret: You can navigate through your PDF files Move to next character, word and  home/end of line.
  • Better PDF format compatibility related to Type 3 fonts:  You can visualise PDF documents that contain type 3 fonts.
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241680 1 Developer Licence with Subscription & Priority Support vQ1 2013 (ESD) (10015) Delivery within 4 days. information button
Version: Q1 2013. Publisher's code: 10015. Electronic Software Delivery: We manually process this order and instruct the publisher to email you download instructions. There is no delivery charge for this item. Normally delivered within 4 working day(s). Service is provided for 1 year.
£652.28 £782.74
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Publisher's code: 10021. This is a Renewal. Product serial or licence number required. Service is provided for 1 year.
£325.82 £390.98
219756 1 Developer Licence w/Subscription & Priority Support Late Renewal (10035) information button
Publisher's code: 10035. This is a Renewal. Service is provided for 1 year.
£423.74 £508.49