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Pinnacle Studio  by Corel

Create one-of-a-kind projects using themed templates or by editing your raw footage directly on the multi-track timeline. Enjoy features like multi-camera video editing, split screen video, and more. Tap into 1,500+ filters and effects and export your videos to disc, popular formats and devices, or online! Make movies that impress with Pinnacle Studio.

Key Features

Unleash your creative possibilities
  • MultiCam Capture: Video Capture and Screen Recorder
    Record your screen and webcam simultaneously and create engaging tutorial videos. With unique screen recording software, you can easily capture video, system audio, and microphone sound in a single click and edit them together seamlessly with multi-camera editing.
  • Hue, Saturation, and Luminance colour controls
    Quickly modify or correct colour in your production with simplified colour grading controls. Shift the colours and adjust the saturation and luminance on a per colour basis. Plus, with Look-up Tables, you can store the corrections and changes you've made to your image(s) and apply your saved preferences to any movie.
  • Selective Colour
    Bring your focus to the spotlight and highlight a single colour in your picture, pushing everything else to the background in black and white. A truly unique effect to add to your next video.
  • Split Screen video
    Show multiple video streams simultaneously with new Split Screen video. Easily drag and drop to create impressive promotional videos or share the highlights from your latest trip! Choose an existing template or create your own with the Split Screen template creator.
  • Multi-Camera editing
    Combine footage from multiple devices to create more dynamic videos. Easily align and sync clips with audio syncing or by markers. When you’re ready, select the angle you want to show as the video plays, to create your own multi-camera production.
  • Stop Motion animation
    Gather your props, plug in your camera and capture your story frame by frame. Control camera settings, see overlay frames, set distances and capture frames automatically or manually from within Pinnacle Studio.
  • Green Screen / Chroma Key
    Superimpose your subjects onto virtual backgrounds with the power of green screen. Adjust how the overlay blends with the background, set a transparent colour, and easily swap out backgrounds using the Chroma Key effect.
  • Time Remapping
    Play with the video speed with Time Remapping and easily add slow motion or high speed effects to your videos. Freeze the action or even reverse and replay your scenes. Simply select your clip, go into the Editor, and select Time Remapping to set the speed.
  • Audio Editing
    Detach or mute audio, or fade in and out audio from your clips all within a few clicks on the timeline. Add royalty-free music to your timeline and have them automatically adjust to the length of your movie with the ScoreFitter music library.
Flexible editing in an advanced video editing software
  • Timeline Editing
    Enjoy Timeline or Storyboard editing. Easily trim video and edit freely on the multi-track timeline. Create sophisticated picture-in-picture and multi-layer HD effects with frame accuracy and keyframe editing—produce like a pro with the control you need.
  • Video and photo slideshows
    Drag and drop your videos, photos and music and let SmartMovie, the automatic movie generator, do the rest. Preview your slideshow and edit in the timeline to customize your movie. Or, start with hundreds of Montage video templates with themes perfect for every occasion.
  • Video filters and effects
    Add excitement and polish to every production with hundreds of customizable video effects, animated titles and transitions. Enhance colours, add effects, turn grey skies blue and much more.
Make quick edits with precise video editing
  • Zoom, Crop and resize video
    Add motion to your still images or videos with simple controls for Pan and Zoom. Or, layer clips and create a picture-in-picture effect, or crop video directly in the preview pane!
  • Quick fixes for common problems
    Crop and rotate video or enhance colour with Pinnacle Studio. Edit footage, apply quick effects and even eliminate red eye from your photos and film!
  • Titles and overlays
    Add titles to your photos and videos, or overlay graphics on your clips. Create custom titles with animations and motion and try your hand at the 3D title editor.
  • Create templates
    Save your finished projects as templates and fast-track future work. When your project is complete, you can go to ‘File, Save Movie as Template’ and easily replace media with placeholders.
For further details or pricing information, please call +44 (0)20 8733 7101 or email sales@qbssoftware.com