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OpenText Secure Server  by OpenText

OpenText Secure Server provides high-performance, scalable and reliable SFTP and Secure Shell server functionality for Windows platforms.

With billions of dollar in annual losses attributed to security breaches, organisations are under mounting pressure from auditors and shareholders to step up their security efforts and to meet industry and government standards and regulations, including PCI-DSS, SOX, HIPAA and GLBA. One solution is to implement secure alternatives for the unsecured FTP and Telnet protocols, which are still widely used by many organisations today.

OpenText Secure Server is a secure replacement to Telnet and FTP services. This solution allows organisations to address security issues that plague FTP and Telnet - lack of Data Encryption, no Host Authentication and the absence of Data Integrity. Based on the Secure Shell 2 (SSH) protocol and equipped with the FIPS 140-2-validated Cryptographic Module, OpenText Secure Server comes with a strong set of security features to protect information and network assets.

OpenText Secure Server is designed to:

  • secure file transfers
  • secure terminal emulation sessions
  • secure remote administration
  • secure execution of remote tasks
  • encrypt third-party application data in transit
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