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Ontrack PowerControls  by Kroll OnTrack

Ontrack PowerControls is a DIY software recovery tool that saves time and resources when managing data in Microsoft enterprise environments.

It is available in the following editions:

  • Ontrack PowerControls for SQL: Ontrack PowerControls allows you to search, preview and restore tables from native SQL BAK files, offline MDF, LDF and NDF files, or a storage tier snapshot from a SAN environment.
  • Ontrack PowerControls for SharePoint: Find, recover and restore content such as documents, lists, libraries and folders or entire SharePoint Server sites with Ontrack PowerControls.
  • Ontrack PowerControls for Exchange: A forensically sound email management tool that lets you granularly search and restore mailboxes, messages, attachments and other Microsoft® Office Outlook items – without restoring the entire database.

Key Features:

  • Ontrack PowerControls for SQL:
    • Search and restore a single table from a database backup in seconds
    • Easily preview table contents before restoration
    • Drag and drop table recovery: no T-SQL or PowerShell scripts needed
  • Ontrack PowerControls for SharePoint:
    • Search: Quickly search by keyword, subject, date, specific users or by file and attachment data.
    • Restore: Granularly restore content or whole SharePoint sites directly from backups or archive media.
    • Collect: Collect documents created by a specific user or from a date range and export for legal requirements.
    • Consolidate: Consolidate your SharePoint items or sites by finding and moving them to new or alternate sites.
    • Ontrack PowerControls licensed agents: Search across multiple content databases as well as searching within in the contents of documents and attachments with licence add-ons
    • Restore data from RBS: Extend the granular search and restoration functionality when leveraging Remote BLOB Store (RBS) solutions with optional PowerControls add-ons.
  • Ontrack PowerControls for Exchange:
    • Search: Interrogate a whole EDB or a single mailbox. Browse by message subject, date, time and keywords.
    • Recover: Quickly get lost or deleted messages back into your production Exchange environment.
    • Migrate: Drag and drop mailboxes to PST, a live Exchange server or Office 365.
    • Export: Collect targeted data for legal and compliance requests and save to PST, MSG or TXT format.
    • PowerPack for ExtractWizard: Add the ability to restore data from tape or disk backups; eliminating the need for a duplicate server and greatly reducing restoration and recovery times.
    • PowerPack for Exchange: PowerPacks for Exchange can be added for enhanced search and analysis capabilities
For further details or pricing information, please call +44 (0)20 8733 7101 or email sales@qbssoftware.com