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NetSupport DNA  by NetSupport Software

NetSupport DNA is a complete suite of tools for managing and supporting IT assets across the enterprise for Education and Corporate Networks.

NetSupport DNA features a wealth of components including: automatic discovery of devices; hardware and software inventory; change tracking; and user and software licence management. Building on the flexibility of a single solution, NetSupport DNA also includes as standard: energy monitoring; power management; USB endpoint security; printer monitoring; application and internet metering; a flexible alerting suite; and an easy-to-use software distribution module. NetSupport also offers optional service desk and remote control modules.

Key Features:

  • Ease of Installation: Features a discovery and deployment tool for easy installation. Alerts when new devices are discovered over time.
  • Device Auto-discovery: Receive notifications of any new devices that join the network and choose whether to deploy an agent automatically.
  • Hardware Inventory: Provides one of the most comprehensive and detailed Hardware Inventory and change tracking modules available on the market today.
  • SNMP Discovery: Scan a range of network addresses and report on any SNMP devices discovered. Create Alerts to monitor the devices.
  • Software Licensing: Designed to help companies manage licence compliance and reduce software overspend by reporting and tracking installed software.
  • Software Metering: Reports application use by both user and device and provides the tools to restrict where and when applications can be used.
  • Internet Metering: Provides a detailed summary of internet activity on each PC, including start and finish times for each URL visited, plus active time.
  • Enterprise Alerting: A powerful and flexible Alerting module featuring over 100 alert types provides proactive monitoring of the company network.
  • Software Distribution: Provides multi-delivery Software Distribution. "Push" packages instantly or publish packages for departments to "pull" down.
  • Power Management: Provides both a detailed summary of energy usage and the ability to schedule power management for selected office PCs.
  • Endpoint Security: A robust and effective solution for managing the use of USB memory sticks to help maintain the security of the network.
  • Explorer mode: Gain a real-time summary of all your PCs in three formats – Icon, Details or Thumbnail view.
  • Vault: The secure Vault component allows secure storage of confidential IT data.
  • System Audit: A powerful audit component which tracks all selected console activity by staff.
  • User Management: A range of features to support staff, including AD account management, user acceptance policies and much more.
  • Acceptable Use Policies: Provides automated display, enforcement and tracking of Acceptable Use Policies for staff.
For further details or pricing information, please call +44 (0)20 8733 7101 or email sales@qbssoftware.com