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Netop Vision  by NetOp

NetOp Vision is classroom management software providing teachers with complete control over classroom computers from a console that shows each student computer screen. Monitor student progress, engage students with on screen demonstrations, control web browsing and guide student learning via the Vision Teach-Pad. Confirmation are displayed in the message bar and clear automatically after a short time or may be dismissed.

Key Features:

  • Supervise students' work: View an expandable thumbnail image of each student's screen on your computer, so you can follow their activities from your desk in real time.
  • Share your screen: Give your students a high-speed, full-screen view of your display. Lock keyboards and mice and display your lessons directly on student computers.
  • Control students' Internet access: Select which websites your class can view. Want to restrict sites, too? Vision Pro lets you customise every aspect of your students' Internet access.
  • Remote login: In single sign-in environments such as your library or computer lab, Vision Pro lets you sign in or out of multiple computers, all at the same time.
  • Showcase students' screens: Display what one student is doing on other students' computers: an excellent way to hold student demonstrations, presentations and spotlighting.
  • Launch applications: Open a file, application or website remotely, in one move, for the whole class at once: simultaneous application launch saves a lot of class time.
  • Remote support: Operate your students' computers without having to leave your desk. Help a student through a problem screen-to-screen, the moment you're needed.
  • Kiosk applications: Working in Kiosk mode, your students can't exit the applications you've launched, open anything else, access the desktop or restart their computers.
  • Blank student screens: Make classroom screens go blank in a click, locking students' keyboards and mice. Capture attention and stop all activity the instant you need to.
  • Share files between computers: Send documents, collect tests and distribute assignments in your classroom instantaneously, without having to pass out any papers.
  • Manage from your iPad: Teach from anywhere in your classroom with Vision Mobile, the new app for teachers that puts the full power of your PC onto your iPad.
  • Remote shutdown & wake-up: Start, restart or turn off all the computers in your class (or just the ones you select) at one time, from your desk, saving valuable preparation time.
  • Dynamic screen annotation: Netop Pointer gives you over 20 annotation tools to make your on-screen presentations come alive. Zoom, highlight, draw on screen and more.
  • Push-button control: TeachPad is a five-button control pad that plugs into your computer's USB port, letting you operate Vision's core features with the push of a button.
  • Customise classroom view: Label student screenshots and rearrange them on-screen, organising your display to mirror where your students are seated in the room.
  • Chat with students: Send and receive instant messages with a student, a group or the whole class, screen-to-screen. Communicate discreetly without disturbing others.
  • Survey and take polls: Conduct anonymous polls of your classroom to assess comprehension and gauge morale. The results return to you automatically in a pie chart.
  • Floating toolbar: Access key classroom management tools from the Floating Toolbar: an extremely intuitive, customisable interface unique to Vision & Vision Pro.
For further details or pricing information, please call +44 (0)20 8733 7101 or email sales@qbssoftware.com