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MindMapper  by Simtech

MindMapper is a visual thinking tool that facilitates creativity and holistic thinking, resulting in improved productivity, performance,and most importantly the process of thinking.

Furthermore, it is a mind processing tool. Mind processing is a holistic approach to achieving an objective by utilising creative thinking, task management and implementation with just one tool as opposed to sequential approach where more than one tool is needed.

MindMapper benefits:

  • Maximises synergistic effect of visual thinking and time management.
  • Creates proactive attitude toward solving problems and reaching goals.
  • Facilitates holistic thinking that generates creativity and innovation.
  • Online or on-premises collaboration improves communication and productivity
  • Small or big tasks are viewed with project perspective as many projects can be connected, managed and executed from one planner.
  • Divergent and convergent mapping enables inductive and deductive thinking and whole-brain thinking.
  • Helps realise the meaning and value of small tasks and flashing ideas have on the project as a whole which helps to decide your priority and focus
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