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Media Client  by Becrypt

Media Client is a software based file encryption and media encryption solution that protects data while in transit on removable media. The data can be encrypted and saved to removable media and shared with a recipient with no further need for Becrypt software to be installed on the recipient’s computer. Password protection built into the software ensures that access to the data is authorised.

In the event of the password being forgotten or unknown, data remains totally secure – files or folders can be seen, but no filenames or extensions revealing the data type.

Key Features include:

  • Simple Interface enables folders/files selected by the user to be encrypted and written to the media with a passphrase. Event log generates automatic audit trail and provides a transparent view of data being exported by the user.
  • Files (file extensions) and folder names are hidden for data confidentiality therefore unauthorised viewers with incorrect password can see files but are prevented from knowing the data type.
  • Zero footprint design and extractor application on protected media, means that data can be encrypted quickly by the sender and read by the recipient’s PC (with passphrase) without the need to have Becrypt software installed.
  • Data recovery facility using certificates enables straightforward access to data by administrator if the password is forgotten or unknown.
  • In-built integrity / verification of media content, protects content from being tampered with while in transit. If the file contents have been altered the recipient will not be able to extract the data.
  • Files are written to CDs/DVDs/USB media from within Media Client therefore no need for additional third party CD/DVD burning software.


For further details or pricing information, please call +44 (0)20 8733 7101 or email sales@qbssoftware.com